Why Korean skincare is the best?

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Korean skincare products are gaining popularity worldwide. Their appearance in the media as well as sales in European department stores are multiplying. So what’s behind this media revolution in the United States and around the world?

First of all, a little tour in South Korea… Why are beauty and skin care so popular in this South-East Asian country?

Korean women attach a lot of importance to their appearance. This became evident when in 2015, a global survey by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons stated that South Korea was the only country in East Asia to be in the top 10 countries with the highest rates of cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetics and skincare have become a staple in Korea, developing this constant desire to look your best. Unlike the majority of women in Western countries, Korean women hardly wear any makeup at all. Instead, they strive for a more natural, fresh and healthy look.

They spend twice as much money on beauty and skin care products as we do in most European countries. Korean women view their skin as a long-term investment and willingly spend time and money to achieve the common goal of “glowing skin.

The Korean beauty and skincare industry is now worth more than $10.3 billion and growing every year. Korean beauty, also called “K-beauty”, is booming and is the future of the cosmetic industry worldwide.

So what are the differences between Western cosmetics and Korean cosmetics?

Here are the three main differences between the two.

1 The use of natural ingredients

While Western skincare companies look for quick results, sometimes using harsh and harmful ingredients, the Korean industry uses natural ingredients with gentle nature-inspired formulations that will protect your skin over the long term.
The Western cosmetic industry aims to reveal new skin through scrubs and exfoliation while Koreans take a gentle approach that aims to provide the skin with the necessary ingredients and vitamins it needs.

2 A real skincare routine

The approach to skincare in Europe and Western countries is a bit more simplistic than that of Korean women. Each of us will certainly find ourselves getting home after a long day at work, removing our makeup and applying our moisturizer. Korean women take their skin very seriously and take the time to incorporate every necessary skincare routine into their daily routine also known as the 10 step routine.

They start their day with a variation of steps with the use of two cleansers, a toner, an essence, a serum, a moisturizer and a sunscreen and then very often end their day by relaxing with a face mask. It’s more than just a routine, it’s a lifestyle with amazing results.

Ten steps may seem excessive but this routine is a concept that can be adapted to each skin type. The number of steps can be reduced or increased depending on your skin’s needs. If you are new to this process, it is first necessary to understand your skin type and become aware of your skin problems. Once identified, you will be able to find the right skin care products and start applying multiple layers of different products and nourish your skin with the different nutrients it lacks. The goal of this routine is to treat YOUR skin problems, not to buy every product that is in vogue and probably not suitable for your skin.

3. Beauty at an affordable price

Korean high-end brands are much more affordable in terms of price than Western brands. Indeed, the high demand in Korea pushes companies to offer competitive prices for more effective and innovative products.

Speaking of innovations…

Korean cosmetic technology is by far the most advanced in the world. If you want to know what the next Western cosmetic trend will be, just look at what’s making the buzz in Korea.

Everyone knows about BB and CC creams and fabric masks that revolutionized the industry a few years ago, but very few people know that the products below were also invented in Korea:

Makeup Remover Balms: They are the first step in the Korean skincare routine. These incredible oil-based cleansers gently melt away makeup and mascara without excessive scrubbing that is bad for the skin.
Essences: These products were once only known in Korea. An essence provides the skin with an extra layer of hydration thanks to its light and very quickly absorbed texture.
Night masks: Also known as “mask packs”, they are used as the last step in the evening routine. They moisturize and work all night to give your skin a youthful, fresh and plumped up appearance each morning.
Sunscreens: Korean sunscreens, like Disaar Sunscreen, are on a whole different level than western sunscreens. Korean sunscreens have a light texture and do not leave an oily feeling or a whitish layer on the skin.

To summarize…

Natural ingredients, new technologies and competitive prices for better results.

And as a bonus, Korea is now investing in research and development of environmentally responsible packaging.

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