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The notion of beauty in Africa as in the rest of the world is a polysemic notion with variable contours. How to give a prescriptive definition, that is to say a solid, strict and scientific definition of beauty with the assurance that it is unanimously accepted?   According to the Larousse dictionary, beauty is anything that gives visual, auditory, intellectual or moral pleasure, etc…

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A tattoo consists of introducing a small amount of colored ink into the skin with a needle. The ink is introduced in a zone located between the dermis and the epidermis, the introduction of the needle varies from 1 to 4 mm according to the types of skin and the tattooed zones. Once the wound is healed, the transparency of the skin allows the ink, and therefore the drawing, to remain visible.


Before going to the tattoo artist, it is essential to prepare yourself.

First of all, rest during the few days before the tattoo, this will allow your body to better manage the pain. At the same time, if you have a tendency to have dry skin, don’t hesitate to moisturize it with cream, this will avoid flaking and a too important dermatological shock.

There are a few things you should do the day before the big day:

  • Avoid exfoliating, as it could irritate your skin
  • Do not take any medication that could thin your blood (such as aspirin)
  • Do not drink alcohol

Once you have applied these tips, you are ready to go to your tattoo parlor!


To ensure optimal healing, you must take care of your tattoo from the very beginning.

At the end of the session, your tattoo artist will apply a bactericidal ointment on your skin and then a bandage. This will protect the skin from dust or bacteria in the air. It is strongly advised to keep this bandage on for several hours. During these few hours, you will have to resist the temptation to see the result or to proudly show your tattoo to your friends!

You can then remove the bandage. Once the bandage is removed, it is possible that the tattoo design is not clearly defined and does not look like what you expected. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal. It is then necessary to clean the tattooed area to remove the excess of ink, blood, lymph … You can do this cleaning with warm water, with an antiseptic solution or a neutral pH soap. Be careful not to place your tattoo directly under the water. Rub gently with your hands and let it dry.

Once the tattoo is dry, you can apply your tattoo cream to moisturize the skin. The cream should be applied in a thin layer to allow the skin to breathe. Massage gently and don’t 

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Can Lose Weight Without Exercise ? You are not satisfied with your figure and you would like to get rid of a few extra pounds? But you don’t have the time or even the motivation to follow a regular sports program? You are far from being the only one! More and more people are trying to lose weight without doing sports. And it is possible thanks to our 7 tips to lose weight without sport.

1.Prepare yourself mentally

To “lose weight without exercice”, you must first prepare yourself mentally for the essential steps to take. It is impossible to lose weight without changing your eating habits. If you don’t feel able to change your habits right now, take the time you need to prepare yourself.

The best way to prepare yourself mentally to transform your body is to communicate with others. Explain your goal to your partner, friends or anyone else you trust. Ask for their support. With the support of those around you, it is easier to succeed in losing weight without exercising.

2. Creating a caloric deficit

At first glance, creating a caloric deficit may not seem simple, but it’s actually not that complicated thanks to a sensible diet. Reducing your calorie intake does not mean eating less.

It’s about finding the right diet. A balanced combination of proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats and an optimal water intake is the ideal basis for becoming slim without doing sports.

The best way to lose weight without strict dieting and exercise is to eat less carbohydrates (15%), but more protein (50%) and healthy fats (35%).

Within the body, carbohydrates are the primary suppliers of energy. In a typical diet, carbohydrates are responsible for half of the calories consumed. If carbohydrate intake is reduced, as it is in a low-carb diet, without being replaced by protein- or fat-rich foods, the body consumes its fat stores. This is one of the keys to losing weight without doing sports. It is not a matter of eating less, but rather of choosing the right foods to put on your plate.

3. Eat fat-burning foods

There are various food substances that are more or less well assimilated and transformed by the body. This means that some foods are quickly assimilated by the body and thus generate little calorie storage. These are, for example, proteins and water-rich foods.

Other foods are completely assimilated and the energy load remains in the body – what is not used is transformed into fat stores. Fats and carbohydrates, for example, are quickly converted into energy. Certain foods increase the metabolism and ensure that food is consumed quickly and in its entirety to be distributed throughout the body. They promote weight loss without dieting or exercise. These foods can be from any food group: fruits, vegetables, spices and more.

We have compiled a detailed list of the best foods for weight loss. Use it to create a healthy, balanced meal plan to lose weight quickly without working out.

  • Eggs: protein intake helps maintain muscle mass. A stronger muscle mass allows the body to burn fat more easily. The myth that you can only eat one egg a week has long been disproved. Dieticians now say that eating one egg a day is safe.
  • Garlic: freshly grated or cut, it helps digestion, unlike roasted or cooked garlic. If possible, it’s best to use unprocessed garlic. You can also opt for garlic extract tablets and capsules.
  • Fruit: it can make you feel full quickly, even when eaten in small quantities. Fruit is rich in vitamins and water. Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are particularly recommended for a healthy diet. They stimulate fat burning and are an excellent alternative to snacks when you are hungry. Fruit can also be eaten as a fruit salad for dessert. For a balanced breakfast, add low-carbohydrate foods such as nuts to the fruit.
  • Meat: white or red meat is a high quality source of protein. For red meat, be sure to choose lean meat, such as beef – the protein content is particularly important. In addition to protein, white meat such as poultry also contains high levels of carnitine. Carnitine contributes to muscle development. Pork roast with its rind, sausage or sausages are not suitable for a low carb diet. Sausage, even if it is specially prepared for dieters, almost always contains hidden fat.
  • Fish: Make sure you eat fish at least once a week, whether you are on a diet or not. Fish contains, among other things, omega fatty acids. These are easily transformed by the body and help to improve cell structure and regulate digestion.

4. Adapting your diet to lose weight without exercice

It is generally not necessary to undertake a total change of diet. Most of the time, it is enough to simply find alternatives to the little sins that make us gain weight. Replace the chocolate cereal bar in the morning with an apple and a piece of dark chocolate and you’ve already reduced your calorie intake.

Spicy foods are also real fat burners. There are a lot of spices that effectively stimulate the metabolism. Cayenne pepper, for example, is an excellent stimulant. Often, we also tend to eat less when the dish is very spicy, which therefore reduces our calorie intake.

If you want to speed up the burning of fat in your body, all you have to do is select the right foods. Make sure you always eat a healthy and balanced breakfast. If you start your day with enough calories, you will avoid the hunger pangs that cause you to snack on unhealthy snacks.

If you are feeling a little hungry, choose fruit with honey and some nuts instead. It’s important to keep your caloric intake in line with your personal needs. If you sit at your desk all day, you may need fewer calories than a shopkeeper who stands all day.

5. Losing weight with slimming supplements

Diet shakes are also a good way to lose weight without working out. You can find some examples in our comparison of the best meal replacements. Weight loss shakes are a good and partial meal replacement: they give you all the energy you need to have a good day and are suitable for anyone with a hectic schedule.

The slimming tablets can also help to lose weight quickly without doing any exercise

Many tablets and capsules currently available on the market can help you lose weight. You can lose weight quickly without doing sports thanks to appetite suppressant tablets for example. They are generally made of plant extracts and cut short the irrepressible cravings for unhealthy snacks. Carb blockers capture the carbohydrates assimilated through food and eliminate those that have not been digested. Appetite suppressants can also contribute to weight loss. These are composed of natural substances that make you feel full sooner.

Choosing the right drinks to lose weight without exercise

Spicy food or a reduction in carbohydrate intake will certainly help you lose weight, but if you want to accelerate fat burning, regular and abundant hydration is necessary. First of all, choose cool drinks. The body spends significantly more energy processing cool liquids.

Cold unsweetened water or decaffeinated tea are particularly recommended. Fruit juices, on the other hand, contain a lot of calories, which is obviously also true for sweetened drinks. Also try to avoid alcohol. If you can’t avoid it, just have a glass of wine or beer but avoid mixed drinks and cocktails.

Vegetable juices are great drinks. They provide an excellent feeling of satiety quickly and one glass can be effective for several hours. A glass of vegetable juice has about 100 fewer calories than a full meal.

Semi-skimmed milk can also contribute to a balanced diet. It contains calcium, protein and little fat. As an alternative to milk, you can use coconut milk, which is also rich in energy without being caloric. The same goes for coconut water. For cooking and baking, you can use coconut flour which does not have as many carbohydrates as wheat flour.

6. Burn fat on a daily basis

If you want to lose weight without working out, there are a few simple things you can do on a daily basis that will help you burn calories. Today’s generations are becoming more and more sedentary. We spend the day at the office and the evening on the couch. We take the car for even the shortest of trips. Simple changes in your habits allow you to be more active on a daily basis: take the stairs instead of the elevator, go for a walk during your lunch break, use the bicycle instead of the car.

Household chores can also make a difference and help you burn calories (values given for 30 minutes):

  • Ironing: approx. 80 kcal
  • Vacuuming: approx. 120 kcal
  • Cleaning the windows: approx. 100 kcal
  • Washing dishes: approx. 60 kcal

But first of all, try to be more active during your working day. Once an hour, walk around your desk or do some stretching in your chair. These exercises not only give you new energy but also do your back and neck a world of good.

7. Reducing stress

Stress and overweight are linked. A stress study conducted by Techniker Krankenkasse (a German health insurance company) highlights this conclusion in 2016: 23% of Germans feel “frequently” stressed and 38% feel “sometimes” stressed. In other words: about 60% of the German society is more or less stressed. These figures are consistent with those for obesity: according to the 13th report on nutrition by the German Nutrition Agency”, 74.2% of men are overweight at the end of their working lives, compared to 56.3% of women.

Of course, we cannot deduce a cause and effect relationship from these statistics. However, medicine has observed that stress leads to the production of cortisol, the stress hormone. Cortisol also has the function of waking us up in the morning. In dangerous situations, it produces rapidly available energy from the body’s own reserves, which allows us to act quickly. In such situations, other functions such as digestion take a back seat.

Today, cortisol has largely lost its primary mission: we no longer resolve stressful situations by physical reactions. Thus we do not immediately consume cortisol and especially the energy that comes from it. The released glucose remains in the bloodstream and the body reacts by secreting insulin. This in turn causes the storage of fat and prevents the body from consuming this fat.

Stress causes another problem: we don’t take the time to eat or we eat too much, too fast and often unhealthy foods, too fatty or too sweet (you will find more information on this subject in our article on sugar-free eating). These calorie bombs are particularly fatal in times of stress, because our metabolism thinks it needs a lot of energy quickly. This is an illusion and we store all this energy as fat.

Getting rid of stress not only helps your body prepare for the diet, but also helps your mind stick to the diet program.

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If you are asked about your beauty routine, do you list your face care? And your body? One by one, when the skin is tight? Maybe at the beginning of the summer, to eradicate that crocodile skin before the beach… Wrong! For a healthy and comfortable skin on the long run, it is with the daily newspaper that it is necessary to take care of its body.

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