Obesity, a criterion of beauty ?

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Each society has its own perception of body image. If today in modern societies, obesity is a symbol of laziness, indulgence and lack of willpower, in many traditional cultures obesity is seen as a sign of beauty, good health and vitality.

A systematic literature search was found that obese individuals reported higher body dissatisfaction than normal weight individuals. The results highlight the severity of body dissatisfaction in obese individuals and especially in women. Recommendations for future research are discussed.

For female attractiveness, another study focused on opposite-sex subjects (559 men and 340 women) from 12 countries rated the attractiveness of sets of images of men and women with varying degrees of adiposity. They found that most men preferred the leanest subjects, but others preferred intermediate adiposity, some were indifferent to body composition, and others judged obese subjects to be the most attractive. For the male images rated by women, the patterns were more complex. Most women preferred subjects with low levels of adiposity (but not the lowest level), whereas others were indifferent to adiposity or judged images depicting obese individuals to be the most attractive.

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Thinness is a disease and obesity is beauty! Who determines the standards of beauty ?

The outward appearance has become an expression of the essence of man, his personality and inclinations, which motivates designers to innovate. Fashion and beauty have become an interest for many, and may reach the level of strangeness or madness, so that the aesthetic taste of man remains the main factor in acceptance or rejection.

It is no secret that artistic performances of clothes and evening dresses are often presented using slender models or what is known as (slender), and to promote that they are the healthiest, most beautiful, most energetic and active. But they are rarely called by this name, and the common one is (fat) or (obese) in reference to inactivity and lack of movement.

Previously, this was the other way around. In the last twentieth century, a plump woman was considered healthier and more beautiful, as well as an indicator of wealth and a well-off life, unlike the skinny, which represented disease and food drought. This lifestyle has changed, and agility and slenderness have become one of the most prominent elements of beauty for women, especially after women have entered various fields of work to compete with men and prove their right to equality, so they need a little weight for rapid movement to keep pace with the era of speed and its requirements.

It is known that the term overweight or obese is applied to every person (man – woman) who weighs more than 80 kilograms, regardless of whether he suffers from sagging or not. In reference to the disparagement of those with large weights, and it may come to mocking them through programs, advertisements, etc., in addition to the false idealism that sits on the throne of Eastern society in particular, which in turn encourages the matter to be a reality we live in today.

It is as if the body must appear in one and repetitive form (graceful), knowing that this repetition will generate monotony and stagnation in humans, in addition to depression and despair, and the reason is that they cannot be duplicate copies. Taste beauty, and this is what distinguishes the general taste of diverse opinions, so it is necessary to change, and the most important is diversity and contradiction in bodies, which will push designers and those in charge of beauty and fashion to continue diversification and creative contrast in colors as well as innovation in the separation of fashion, accessories and others, to achieve as much as possible It is aesthetic in fashion as it will address a large number of segments of society regardless of their aesthetic taste.

It is paradoxical that Eastern society is full of chubby women with a distinctive presence in the true sense of the word.

Despite the divergent opinions, everyone agrees that health and good food are much more important than excess fitness or obesity, which may lead to the maze of diseases, and the urge not to be ashamed of the shape of the body, no matter how (agile) or (chocky). It distinguishes it from others.

Certainly, beauty makers from designers and others will not be able to stop the wheel of fashion and beauty in one aspect without another, which leads them to renewal, excellence and innovation in the manufacture of what meets everyone’s tastes of fashion, accessories, jewelry, shoes and others, as we humans tend to differ in what satisfies our tastes.

It is worth noting that other parts of the world do not like the word “Obesity” on the grounds that it is offensive or in order to avoid hurting feelings, so it is called (thick) or chunky. And consumers or even followers of fashion and beauty alike in terms of the difference between people and the diversity of their ethnicities is the secret of their success and their distinctive look.

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In Morocco, obesity in women is still considered a sign of beauty :

Also, in societies that frequently experience periods of nutritional deprivation, women who are able to store energy in the form of “Obesity” in their own bodies are believed to have adaptive advantages and to be more fertile and better able to support pregnancy and lactation.

They would therefore be sought after for their ability to ensure offspring. In Morocco, several studies have shown that obesity in women is still considered a sign of beauty. For example, in the south of Morocco, girls of marriageable age resort to various methods such as overeating, sedentary lifestyle, corticosteroids… to gain weight quickly and thus easily find a spouse. Therefore, the problem of sexuality of obese women, which is dramatized in modern societies, does not arise, at least currently, in the Moroccan context.

obesity in Mauritania : The practice of force-feeding girls in Mauritania

The prevalence of obesity in Mauritania is higher than the regional average of 20.7% for women, but lower than the regional average of 9.2% for men. At the same time, diabetes is estimated to affect 10.7% of adult women and 9.8% of adult men. According to the Global Nutrition Report.

Whether willingly or by force, they must ingest unbearable amounts of food to gain weight and please their future husbands. franceinfo Afrique has collected the testimony of an activist who denounces this ancestral ritual.

It was believed that this traditional custom had totally disappeared in Mauritania. It is not the case. This ancestral practice has just been brought to the screen by an Italian director. Michela Occhipinti went several times to this country where she collected many testimonies. She has produced a fictional film with a clear observation: although the practice of force-feeding is no longer systematic in Mauritania, it is still widespread in the desert. It affects 40% of girls.

This is what Aminetou Mint Moctar, president of the Mauritanian Association of Women Heads of Families (AFCF), confirmed to franceinfo Afrique. Yes, force-feeding is no longer widespread, she acknowledges, but this rite is far from having disappeared in the country. It is still practiced, especially in rural areas. “The force-feeding continues to exist, because it is a criterion of beauty for the girls. And many men are very keen on it. It is also a sign of wealth. Because a family that does not force-feed its daughters is a marginalized family,” she explains.

Mrs. Mint Moctar describes to franceinfo Afrique a particularly painful ritual, which affects “the physical integrity of the woman. To please a man, the girl must absolutely gain weight and fill the clothes she wears.

Unfortunately, most of our men do not like thin women. They prefer bulky women.

Aminetou Mint Moctar, president of the AFCM to Franceinfo Afrique

From the age of three, the little girls live an ordeal, denounces Aminetou Mint Moktar. They have to ingest very large quantities of milk, foodstuffs like porridge and couscous. The more the years go by, the more the diet intensifies in fats of all kinds. Butter, peanuts… Some young women gain up to 20 kilos in two months, eating ten meals a day day and night. And that’s not all. “Because there is not enough milk, there are new and more dangerous methods that women in the cities use. They take growth hormones for animals, but also corticosteroids used for certain diseases such as asthma and rheumatism. These products make the skin swell and give the illusion of weight gain,” says Aminetou Mint Moktar.

Faces invaded by the beard and mustache !

This is to say the extent of the damage among girls and young women subjected to this ritual that makes their bodies swell like balloons. “There have been many deaths. Women’s bodies and organs cannot withstand this inhumane treatment. They suffer from high blood pressure, succumb to cardiovascular diseases. Others suffer from bone deformities. Some suddenly see their faces invaded by beards and mustaches…”, explains Aminetou Mint Moctar.

She observes, however, that many young girls today have understood the danger of force-feeding, but that there is still a long way to go to eradicate these deep-rooted traditions in society. “Too bad we are not helped by laws that criminalize this practice. No law today prohibits force-feeding, which violates the physical integrity of the woman. A serious violation of human rights,” she denounced.

The president of the Mauritanian Association of Women Heads of Families welcomes the initiative of Michela Ochippinti, the Italian director who has just brought to the screen the tragic fate of Mauritanian women subjected to the ritual of force-feeding. For her, Le mariage de Vérida will contribute to raising public awareness of the evils of this archaic practice, which no longer has a place in Mauritania.

Note that obesity and abnormally low or slow growing facial hair can be an indicator of low testosterone in a man who otherwise appears to be well into puberty. Your GP can prescribe blood tests that will answer this question in your specific case.

If your testosterone levels are indeed low, you should ask that doctor to refer you to an endocrinologist, which is a doctor who specializes in the glandular and hormonal system of the body. Low testosterone can be caused by primary hypogonadism which is caused by dysfunctional testicles, or secondary hypoganadism which is caused by malfunction of another gland and not supplying normal levels of another hormone that should signal the testicles to produce testosterone.

It is very important to treat the root cause and not just the symptom. Above all, never treat yourself for low testosterone because you could inadvertently cause your testicles to shrink and atrophy. Follow the advice of an endocrinologist.

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Do women suffer the negative effects of obesity more than men?

In addition to the erectile dysfunction caused by cardiovascular diseases (heart disease, diabetes, dyslipidemia …) associated with obesity, it is also possible that an obese man has an increase in estrogen (female hormones) that will have a negative effect on the desire and erection of the man. Also, two very obese partners may have difficulties with penetration: the body volume in the thighs and stomach could make penetration difficult. Moreover, in a society that stigmatizes obese people, the way others look at obese people can complicate their relationships with others and push obese people to refuse to have a sexuality as their body makes them ashamed. Because of their aesthetic preoccupation as well as the effect of the media, women are generally the most affected by this psychological and emotional obstacle. A majority of (Western) women of normal weight still see themselves as too fat. They are always looking for a slimmer body.

Can one have a fulfilling sexuality when one is obese?

Even if nowadays the slim figure is more and more considered as the ideal, the large size still has its place in the Moroccan context and a majority of men still prefer a slightly corpulent woman. Also, according to the French study, when they have a partner, the sexual activity and the degree of satisfaction of obese women are identical to those of women of normal weight. Obesity is a risk factor for many chronic diseases. Avoiding it is essential to maintaining a good quality of life. Maintaining a healthy body weight should be a priority for everyone. In case of failure, an obese person can at least avoid the onset of a disease by a balanced diet and especially by regular physical activity. For a healthy sexual life, an obese person must fight against physical and psychological obstacles and above all accept his body.

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