Tips to take care of your body and mind

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Taking care of our body and mind is fundamental to enjoy good health, besides, it is what shapes our image in the world. When we talk about our body, we are referring to the skin, organs, important parts such as the back, abdomen, feet, hands, and the whole set of parts that consolidate our physical structure.

The body requires nutrients, vitamins and minerals to function properly. As well as aesthetic care and exercise to help shape the figure and maintain ideal health standards.

The mind, specifically, is an aspect as transcendental as any other, our stability, healthy relationships with the environment and general health depend on its care.

Taking care of the body and mind is an exercise of life and also of self-love. There is a connection between these two elements. Because, to a certain extent, the poor state of the body can affect the mind and vice versa.

For the care of the body and mind, there are plenty of tips and even potions that are presented as solutions to any feeling or ailment that affects them, however, the important thing is discipline and opt for the simple and discipline.

Tips to take care of your body

To take care of our body three things are essential: discipline, plenty of water and healthy eating. It could also include: exercise routines, sleeping the hours that correspond, but, beyond the elementary or the fundamental, is the degree of love that a person can feel for himself. Let’s see a series of tips, the most important, to exalt the care of the body, pretending to serve as a guide for those who require it.

Discipline and habits

It is useless to make a plan or a routine for the care of our body, if we do not have discipline and ability to introduce healthy habits in our day to day. If we intend to take care of our body, it is important to understand that everything, as much as possible, has to be part of a plan, because it is a way to organize part of our time and our life.

A well-marked routine for the morning hours. If you are one of those people who go to bed very late and spend the whole morning asleep, you are on the wrong track.

A small change of habit can make all the difference. Establishing a morning routine adds up to a healthy life and a more productive day, which has an impact not only on the physical aspect, but also on the psychological one.

This morning routine includes three fundamental actions: body hygiene, breakfast and exercise.  In this aspect it is recommended: establish a time to wake up, and each action distributed by hours, surely, you will have to go to work, and if not, you should include in that routine, development activities or errands according to the level of importance for your life.


Food has to be conceived as the way to sustain an immune system that guarantees good health, likewise, food is the way in which we can provide the fuel for the internal organs to function properly.

A good diet is one that provides in a proportional way, the amount of vitamins and minerals, which are distributed in: proteins, carbohydrates and natural fats.

Protein, for example, is fundamental and is directly related to muscles, ligaments, skin, hair and nails. Knowing the types of protein and how it favors our organism is essential to be able to prepare dishes, serving as a basis to provide the levels of nutrients that the body requires.

Eating sugary cereals in the morning is not a good breakfast, but if you replace it with oatmeal cookies, you will surely avoid suffering from diabetes in the future. Lowering the levels of sugar consumption is also beneficial to health and is a very important action, because of how harmful it is to health, especially for children or people suffering from diabetes.

Daily exercise

Physical exercise has to be part of our life. It is developed according to the physical capacities of each person, since they are strategic, not to say, fundamental for the care of the body and mind.

At least 60 minutes a day is enough to reduce the chances of developing diseases and achieve a healthy weight. In addition, exercise has an important psychological effect, generates emotional well-being and helps people sleep better.

Yoga and Pilates for body and mind.

Yoga and Pilates are two of the disciplines that, despite their low intensity, provide multiple benefits to the body and mind. The practice of Pilates strengthens muscle tone and allows the person to focus on the working points in the body, which allows you to disconnect and enjoy. Yoga stimulates relaxation and body flexibility.

Tips to take care of your mind


Sleep well and enough

It is advisable to have a restful sleep that includes a minimum of 8 hours. But it is not just sleep and that’s it, it is a pleasant sleep, which helps the real rest. It is why the exercise routine and meditation influence positively in achieving a real rest.

For those who are looking for peace of mind at bedtime, taking a meditation course is the most advisable, since managing this technique ensures greater effectiveness for the person.

Discover your passion and keep busy doing it.

It is never too late to discover what we really like, whether it is cooking, sewing or writing.The important thing is that the job you are passionate about, is part of your daily routine and that from this you generate goals to achieve.

For example, if you like to write, you can start doing it Set goals and begin to develop lines that satisfy you. Developing your passion makes you feel complete and useful, which is an effective way to take care of our mind, take care of yourself and you will be happier!

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