Ariana Grande Hair : The Secret Of Her Long Hair

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How do you get Ariana Grande hair? How To Look Like Ariana Grande Hair ? What is the secret to her long hair? …. When you do a search on the “source of cutie ” you find our true love Ariana Grande, and the first things that come to mind are her super long hair and high ponytail, her shiny and silky hair ….. But while we’ve long thought the reason Ariana wore her signature hairstyle was because she loved her hair, it seems the ponytail was a solution to hide the damage caused by the weekly red dyeing of her hair for her role as Cat on the TV show Victorious.

According to science, Ariana Grande is the fourth most beautiful woman in the world with a golden number of 91.64%. It turns out that the secret to her beauty is her long hair, as it’s hard to imagine her without her iconic ponytail. This hairstyle – ultra basic, certainly, but effective – is part of the signature look of the young singer. But if she adopted it, it is not for nothing. At first, her goal was to hide the deplorable state of her hair! By dint of bleaching and coloring, her hair simply looked like straw.

First, Who’s Ariana Grande ?

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At 22, Ariana is passionate about movies and music. As a teenager, she made her debut on Broadway. She was a timid success, until she gave her voice and released her first and second album.

One of the fastest careers in the history of the song. “My Everything” in stores in August 2014 is since then on everyone’s lips.

As a result, exit the teenager with crushed raspberry hair, we even knew it ash blonde, failed redhead … With the success, back to the long brown hair inherited from his Sicilian origins.

Until when? Ariana Grande seems to have acquired the gift to transform herself very quickly, from one album to another, from one photo to another, from one boyfriend to another.

You might as well say that scribbling a beauty paper means capturing a moment when she ties her hair up in a high ponytail and accepting that she’s telling us, “I style it with wax so that no little hair sticks out.”

But tomorrow, she might switch to XXXL extensions. No matter: every change of Ariana’s hair is a buzz.

the beautiful soul of Ariana Grande

We continue with her eyes. Almond-shaped, like cats. “If there’s one thing I take after my mother, it’s eyeliner, she always drew a black line above her eye, it’s glamorous and feminine.

Stop image on her mouth, pulpy and greedy, which she highlights with lipsticks. “Viva Glam of course. I am honored to have been chosen by MAC Cosmetics to represent this lipstick and gloss.

The money raised from the sale of these two products will be donated in full to the MAC Aids Fund to fight AIDS.”

Her awareness is real, she adds: “Many young people think that AIDS is a disease that does not concern them. We need to raise awareness.

John Demsey, president of Estée Lauder Group brands, including MAC Cosmetics, and chairman of the MAC Aids Fund, knows he made the right choice with Ariana as his spokesperson.

With 329 million followers on her Instagram account, she speaks to the younger crowd via social media.

Ariana Grande, A Healthy Girl

What Is Ariana Grande’s Height ? in fact, Ariana Grande is not tall: 1.53 meters. Nevertheless, she occupies the space with her small doll’s body. Tonic and sporty, she practices a lot of running.

Regarding her lifestyle, she does not talk about it, she eats healthy food, good for my body. Even if it is in a pastry shop that we recently caught her kissing her new boyfriend.

When talking about the female figures that make her dream – Carey? Madonna? -she wants to return to her career rather than others. Reminding us that she wants to pass on to girls the importance of learning to love each other.

“Love each other, assume yourself, love your differences, don’t be too hard on yourself and above all: long live love!” Right now, we’re craving the Dalai Lama to get out of her body, but she looks serious. l

The secret of Ariana Grande hair

ariana grande blonde hair

It is through Twitter that a fan called Ariana Grande to ask her what her hair looked like naturally. What the young woman has immediately responded by posting a short video of her. In the mirror of her bathroom, Ariana Grande reveals herself with her “real” hair. Yes, for the occasion, the singer had dropped her extensions. We could discover that the pretty brunette does not actually have very long hair. She has in fact a short and curly square. A hot hairstyle that suits her perfectly. We can only hope to see her soon with this cut on the red carpet!

Essential Oils Keep Ariana Grande Hair Long

Since she left the Victorious series – and therefore no longer needs to bleach her hair regularly – Ariana Grande has regained her long, perfectly silky hair. In fact, it’s hard not to be envious when you see the shiny, healthy material in her hair!

But what is her secret? The young woman revealed it in an interview with Allure, and it is very simple: she uses coconut oil. This vegetable elixir, ultra popular for a few years, allows to nourish the hair fiber, and thus to have beautiful soft and shiny hair, without the greasy effect!

Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to stimulate growth, and you have the hair of a star…who no longer needs to keep her ponytail to hide the damage!

Wavy hair is definitely the hair trend to adopt this season. After Lily-Rose Depp, Louane, Shay Mitchell or Bella Hadid, it’s Ariana Grande’s turn to succumb to the call of XXL waves. Adept of the ultra high ponytail and airbrushes, the singer has radically changed her style by displaying a mane like “back from the beach”. It is on the occasion of the release of the 2nd collection of her cosmetics brand R.E.M Beauty that the star posted on Instagram with her new hairstyle. Done by Josh Liu, Ariana Grande’s favorite hairdresser, this hair makeover was welcomed with great enthusiasm by the fans of the star.


Ideal on long hair, the “water waves” is rather simple to achieve. In fact, it is quite possible to reproduce this look without heat. Before going to bed, part your hair in two and then braid it low, making sure to keep your roots flat. When you wake up, loosen your hair and secure it with a little hairspray. Those who want a more pronounced result can heat the braids with a flat iron just before undoing them. Finally, for those of you who like heaters, a wandering iron is the perfect accessory to achieve the perfect “water waves”. Simply take fine strands and then pass the iron up and down, applying light pressure. And it’s done!

Setting up a hair care routine is easy: you’ll need to maintain the health of your hair and apply products that benefit it. Fortunately, you don’t have to take care of your hair every day, and most of the steps in a hair care routine can be done once or twice a week.

Follow our guide How To Build A Hair Care Routine

Ariana Grande’s Beauty Tips

ariana grande natural hair

Recently, Ariana Grande spoke in an interview with Vogue about her new role at the head of the cosmetics brand r.e.m., her beauty and wellness rituals. In this part, I will share with you the secrets of her beauty that we shot.

Ariana Grande’s bedtime ritual.

“I don’t really have a set routine. In fact, when I think ‘ritual’ I imagine someone running around the house burning sage… it can happen to me, but not every day! More simply, every morning I get up, brush my teeth, and move on to my facials.”

Her tips for express makeup in five minutes.

“Five minutes is hard! I’ll start by applying a tinted moisturizer, or a mattifying base mixed with a good serum or moisturizer. Concealer, mascara, and a light touch of color on the lips, probably lip gloss to make it last all day.”

About the eyeshadows.

“We’re going to expand the r.e.m line with three new palettes. The colors are so fun, very inspiring, especially the Midnight Snack palette and its very sixties colors. I like to use the eyeshadow to give me cat eyes or to hollow out the lids.”

Her relaxing tips for the end of the day.

“I love meditation, taking a long bath, taking care of my skin… I love anything that makes me feel like I’m really taking care of myself. Often, before I go to bed, I do a facial, or I take a nice relaxing bath. When I meditate, I use lavender essential oil: the relaxing effect is immediate.”

What she learned from running a skincare brand.

“I’ve learned quite a bit about science, because we’re always working on new formulas. It allows us to come up with the best pigmentations, the best scents for our products… for an absolutely delicious result. I’m actually a bit of a nerd, I loved all that scientific process in creating cosmetics.”

“The other step that I really enjoy is the packaging. I’ve been interested in it for a few years now, with my perfume collection, and frankly I love it. It’s still pretty different in the beauty world, but very cool too. I’m so happy with what we’ve created with my team!”

Her wellness tips.

“Wellness is so important. We really need to pay attention to our spiritual balance. After all, it is indeed the core of our lives. I’m very lucky, I’ve been able to do some great therapies, and learn meditation.”

Her skincare routine.

“I love facials so much. I learn a little bit more every day. I’m quite fascinated by the freshness of some of the products. That’s exactly why I love our new Undereye Balm, fresh, energizing and invigorating. I put it in the fridge with my jade roll on, it’s crazy, it calms me down.”

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