Rebel Wilson: The Secrets Behind Her Incredible Weight Loss

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Rebel Wilson gained weight in order to become famous because she had trouble making people laugh early in her career. But in 2020, Rebelle Wilson made a complete lifestyle change that helped her reach her weight goal – which she used to try to inspire others.

The actress documented the fitness journey that initially led her to lose over 60 pounds in November 2020. After Wilson revealed that she had reached her weight goal of 165 pounds, a source exclusively told Us Weekly that the How To Be Single The star was “so proud of her weight loss and body transformation.”

“Rebel surpassed her weight goal and continued to work out after reaching that magic number,” the insider detailed in February 2021 about her progress with the help of personal trainer. Jono Castano. “Rebel not only trained six days a week with Jono, but also did mini-workouts at home. Rebel was clearly on a mission to lose weight and she did it in spades. She feels stronger, more confident.

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Who is Rebel Wilson

“Fat Amy”, “Kimmy Bourbier” or “Becky”: whatever name she had when you first saw her, you couldn’t forget Rebel Wilson’s baby face and bright smile.

Her real name is Melanie Elizabeth Bownds and she is an actress and comedian born in the 1980s in Sydney, Australia. After graduating from an Australian drama school in 2003, Rebel Wilson began her career in television, in the series Pizza and The Wedge. In 2008, the musical television series Bogan Pride brought the Australian some notoriety. Desires of cinema push Rebel Wilson to fly to the United States.

His first steps

Before, when I heard about “Rebel” I kept seeing Lorenzo Lamas riding his motorcycle with his hair blowing in the wind, but that was before. For a few years now, Rebel has become one of my favorite actresses who can make me watch any movie or series, as soon as she appears in the cast.

Born in Sydney on March 2, 1980, Melanie Elizabeth Bownds, also known as Rebel Wilson, was not really predestined to embrace an acting career. After a rather peaceful childhood, and an equally “normal” adolescence, the young woman, then a student, visited South Africa and that’s where it all began: during a crisis of hallucinations due to malaria that she had just contracted, she was awarded an Oscar. This was all it took for the young woman to throw herself body and soul into her new career: acting.

On the road to success

After a promising start in Australia with “Pizza” (2003) – a crazy series in which she plays the role of Toula, a rather special teenager – Rebel Wilson packed her bags and headed for the United States. There, she played a series of small roles in successful comedies such as “My Best Friends”, “My Best Men” or “What to Expect if You’re Having a Baby”.

In 2012, it is the consecration: she is chosen to interpret “Fat Amy” in the girly comedy “Pitch Perfect”. Thanks to this tailor-made role, Rebel Wilson almost manages to steal the show from Anna Kendrick and her student crush. Punching out like nobody’s business, she becomes THE star to bet on. Moreover, the writers even decided to make her the main star of the comedy series “Super Fun Night” (2013), in which she plays the clumsy (but hilarious) Kimmy Bourbier in 17 episodes.

The consecration?

Real star of the two opuses of “Pitch Perfect”, Rebel Wilson touches with her fingers the top of her career (that we hope very very long). Before finding the actress in “Grimsby”, a feature film with Sacha Baron-Cohen, the young woman returned to the screen with “Célibataire Mode D’Emploi”. With her partner Dakota Johnson, Rebel tackles the single life. A real fresh wind on the clichés of the solo life!

Rebel Wilson lost more than 80 Pounds To Become a Mom?

fat amy weight loss

“Rebel Wilson has metamorphosed”. The actress lost a lot of weight by following strict recommendations. In the New Year of 2020, which she had designated “year of health”, Rebel Wilson decided to start a diet to regain her former figure. And in just one year, she has lost no less than 50 kilos! The metamorphosis of the 41-year-old actress is impressive, as evidenced by the photo she posted on June 25, 2021 on her Instagram account where she appears almost unrecognizable in a leotard.

To succeed in slimming down, Rebel Wilson has not lesiné. She first went to a spa in Austria where sugar, alcohol and caffeine were forbidden. “Rebel did incredibly well. Her willpower, discipline and focus on her health journey has been her success,” one of her relatives congratulated her, in the columns of the Mirror. The doctor who takes care of patients in this center was blown away by Rebel Wilson’s determination: “The goal is always to get the strongest immune system possible. She was very disciplined after her stay. She did very well because she follows her sport.

A shot taken during the shooting of the film produced by Netflix Senior Year. “She’s the captain of the cheerleading squad, dates the quarterback and is on her way to becoming the prom queen. The girls want to be her and the guys want to be with her. She’s got it all – until she falls off the cheerleading squad and falls into a coma,” the American platform summarized.

“I didn’t want to wake up very tired”

This role fits very well with Rebel Wilson’s new body. In a year and a half, the actress has lost more than 50 kg. Alongside stuntwoman Meredith Richardson and dancer and choreographer Brooke Bowe, also in leotard, she looks very thin. Her secret to losing so much weight: a drastic diet and lots of exercise. “As I got older, I realized I didn’t want to wake up very tired or out of breath. I now have a lot more energy. I am sure that when I was shooting Pitch Perfect, there are some nights when I did not go out with the other girls because I knew I would be very tired after dancing all night, “had confided the actress who regretted not having made this decision earlier.

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“I dated Jacob long before my weight loss.”

Most of the Internet users have greeted her move when others, with a more negative eye, have highlighted its correlation with the beginning of her relationship with the handsome Jacob Bush. Criticism unfounded according to the main interested. “Some people on social networks say: ‘Oh, well, you lost weight and then you had a sexy boyfriend’. But, what I want to say to those people is that I dated Jacob long before I lost the weight. He liked me when I was 100 pounds and now 75. I just want to clarify that,” said the Australian actress, who was once also known for her curves. Since these words last November, Rebel Wilson has lost another 25 kg.

The center Rebel Wilson visited is known for its diet, based on the Mayr Cure – a dietary philosophy created in 1901 that aims to eliminate snacking and reduce gluten and dairy consumption, while focusing on highly alkaline foods such as vegetables and fish. “It’s soothing therapy for your intestinal system, so we aim for easily digestible foods,” the doctor added. And this technique worked very well on Rebel Wilson. As a reminder, the actress decided to lose weight for a very specific purpose. “I never really considered wellness from all angles,” she recounted. But I was 40 and thinking about freezing my eggs, and the experts told me that the healthier I am, the easier the process will be.”

Rebel Wilson is happy to be “healthy.” “The goal is not to be skinny. It’s not to fit into a certain dress size. I put on a weight because I needed something tangible. What I’m proud of is that I have a lot more balance in my life now,” Rebel Wilson continued, delighted by her physical transformation. Last November, the actress announced that she had finally reached her dream weight of 75 kilos. With enthusiasm, she explained to her fans that she had “reached her goal a month early”. Very happy, she recognized that it was only a number and that her intention was, above all, “to be healthy”.

” I know what it’s like to be invisible”, Rebel Wilson on weight loss, health and fertility.
Here is an excerpt from her interview with BBC :

What Rebel Wilson Eats In A Day ? how many calories she eats in a day after reaching her 165-pound weight goal ?

Rebel Wilson said she would “consume 3,000 calories most days” before her incredible transformation, told her 9.3 million fans in an Instagram live. “But for me, a high-protein diet was the way to go,” she said.

“Because when I eat like a chicken breast, I don’t go like…” she said as she played pushing food into her mouth.

“I go like…” she continued as she played with a knife and fork and carefully cut a piece of chicken. The comedienne went on to explain that she takes her time eating her food to feel full and satisfied.

She said, “And chew and eat consciously and you feel satisfied, then you stop eating.

“Whereas if I eat a whole bag of chips, I’m like devouring that. And suddenly there’s a ton of calories and the game is over. No weight loss this week.

“So basically, I switched to a high-protein diet. Does that mean I’m eating healthy and clean every day? No, far from it. But I prioritize where I can, if I go to a restaurant, I’ll try the salmon, chicken breast…

“I don’t eat a lot of meat so it was hard. I’m mostly vegetarian. But now I really have to focus on it because my body responds well to protein. So I might have a protein smoothie because it’s easier for me. “

Rebel went on to reveal that she needed to eat less than 1,500 calories to lose weight, but since she reached her goal of 165 pounds, she can afford to eat a little more to keep the number on the scale.

“But nutritionally, the only thing is that I try to stay under 1500 calories because, again, of my body type,” she says. “If I want to lose weight during that week, I kind of have to stay under 1,500 a day.

“But now I’m moving into more of a maintenance phase, it’s probably going to be about 2,000, 2,500 because I’m training like crazy.

“So I can eat a little bit more, now that I’ve reached my weight goal and I’m maintaining.”

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How Did Rebel Wilson Lose Weight ?

rebel wilson weight loss

“Rebel surpassed her weight goal and continued to train after reaching that magic number,” the insider detailed in February 2021 about her progress with the help of a personal trainer. Jono Castano. “Rebel not only trained six days a week with Jono, but also did mini-workouts at home. Rebel was clearly on a mission to lose weight and she did it in spades. She feels stronger, more confident.

“It started when I was looking at some fertility stuff and the doctor said, ‘Well, you’d have a much better chance if you were healthier,'” she shared during an Instagram Live video in July 2021. “That’s kind of what started it, that if I lost a little bit of weight, it would give me a better chance to freeze eggs and have better quality eggs. … It wasn’t even really myself, it was more thinking about a future mini-me, really.

A month later, the Bridesmaids The star reflected on her decision to lose weight after a personal struggle. “Okay, I know I normally post flattering photos of myself… but I found this old photo in my emails and I was like, wow!” she captioned an old photo of her with Novak Djokovic via Instagram in August 2021. “I remember that was when I was the most unhealthy – overweight and indulging way too much in junk food. Using food to numb my emotions.

At the time, Wilson recalled how his relationship with his body changed in the midst of tragedy. “My father had passed away from a heart attack and it was such a sad time. I didn’t think highly of myself and I didn’t value myself the way I should have,” she noted. “It’s interesting that I’m still smiling and still trying to be active…despite so much pain.”

According to the Perfect star, she received surprising feedback from those close to her as she began to lose weight.

“I got a lot of negative feedback from my own team, actually, here in Hollywood, when I said, ‘OK, I’m going to do this ‘year of health. ‘ I feel like I’m really going to physically transform and change my life,” she said in an interview on the morning show Crumpe Breakfast in December 2021. “And they said, ‘Why? Why would you want to do that? Because I was making millions of dollars being the funny fat girl and being that person.

Wilson noted that she focused on the vision she had for herself. “I know what it’s like to be a woman who was basically invisible to most people because she’s not seen as traditionally, beautiful or anything,” she said. “It’s crazy to try to fit into that. [It’s] better to be the healthiest version [of yourself].”

While celebrating her wellness achievements, Wilson also gushed about an exciting update in her love life. “I thought I was looking for a Disney prince … but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney princess 💗🌈💗#loveislove,” she captioned an Instagram selfie of her and her girlfriend, Ramona Agrumesin June 2022.

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