6 Best Exercises To Lose Weight At Home

by Ezeneck

Exercise does not only allow you to lose weight but also, for example, to recover some joint mobility or even autonomy. Exercise can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and prevent obesity and diabetes.

In this point, it is worth remembering that one of the most asked questions on google since the period of confinement until the present time is: What Is The Best Exercise To Lose Weight At Home? Can You Lose Weight At Home Without Equipment.

So, it is quite possible to exercise at home to lose weight. This way, you can workout at any time, without wasting time. Moreover, to lose weight at home, no equipment is needed. There are a lot of effective body weight exercises that allow you to burn a lot of calories. Discover our 6 best exercises to lose weight at home.

Important: ask your doctor or physiotherapist for advice before doing any of the suggested exercises. Also, the movements should not hurt. Never force yourself and abandon the exercise if you feel pain.

The Benefits Of Exercise At Home

So the advantages of training at home are above all practical and financial! Indeed, training at home has many advantages, especially for those who are just starting out! These advantages are mainly practical. No time constraints, whether you prefer to train before going to work in the morning or in the evening, after the children have gone to bed, you can always train, so no more time excuses. If you don’t train, it’s because you’ve made other choices! (yes, getting up at 6am to train before work can be a pain in the ass, but let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s doable, so if you don’t do it, it’s because you’re making other choices).

Training at home is also a time saver. No need to travel (and when you live far from your gym, it’s time saved). So if you have kids, it can be a great way to balance all your obligations! You can even supervise the cooking of the dish during your breaks! Especially if you have children, it can be complicated to find a time slot to go to the gym during the day (yes, the gyms do not yet offer a kids club to take care of our kids while we take care of ourselves). So in terms of schedule, training at home is the most practical thing!

Another advantage is usually financial! Joining a gym can be expensive or even very expensive (from 20 to 80€/month depending on the city and the offers). If, like me, you also try to pay attention to your diet (don’t hesitate to look at my article A day on my plate), the budget to sculpt your body can start to climb by adding the healthy food budget. So if you’re getting back into sports and you’re on a budget, it might be a good idea to do your workout at home to save yourself a lot of money.

Last advantage: No one to bother you! This is one of the fears most often found among people who hesitate to go to a gym: the look of others. Whether it’s because you don’t feel good about yourself, you don’t know how to use the machines or you don’t want to be hit on by the gym owner, working out at home guarantees your privacy! (well personally, I am rarely disturbed when I work out, it must depend on the gym you choose!)

If you are you really want to lose weight faster, this article is useful for you :

So, let us present to you the 6 best exercises that help you to lose belly fat.

6 exercises to lose weight without equipment

It is important to note that if you want to lose a few extra pounds, it is essential to combine a healthy and balanced diet with physical activity. It is possible to lose weight without doing sports, simply by eating less, but this has certain drawbacks. It is important to preserve one’s muscular capital on the one hand, and on the other hand, a thin but flabby body is not necessarily very aesthetic. A little sport helps you lose more calories, tone your muscles to refine your figure and moreover, it is good for your heart, your health and your morale!

Another important point to consider: a sport can make you slimmer while making you gain a little weight. Muscle is indeed heavier than fat. When you do sports, whether it’s cardio-training, endurance sports or weight training, you develop your muscles, so you gain a little weight. Fat will be replaced by heavier muscle. We will slim down while gaining weight, at least temporarily! Rest assured, this variation is minimal, and as the fat melts, the weight on the scale will eventually drop.

Exercice n° 1 To Lose Weight : Burpees

Burpees are a must when you want to lose weight at home. Easily performed in your living room, burpees are difficult from a cardio point of view but accessible from the beginner to the expert.

In concrete terms, the exercise consists of standing up, getting down on the ground before getting up to perform a jump in extension. This sequence counts as 1 repetition.

If you want to lose weight in a minimum amount of time, we advise you to use this type of poly-articular exercise. To lose weight, you must have in mind to burn a maximum of calories. You need to find exercises that allow you to use several muscle groups in a single movement, which is the case with burpees.

In terms of execution, burpees come in 3 levels of difficulty.

For beginners, we advise you to go from the standing position to the “push-up” position with your arms stretched out on the ground, without doing an extension jump. This way, you do not put your chest on the ground, which makes the exercise easier.

For intermediates, you will perform burpees in the rules of art, but without the jump extension at the end of the movement.

For experts, the classic burpee exercise is already exhausting enough.

Be careful, a common mistake is to perform a real pump at the bottom of the movement to get up. But there is no need to do this. Once on the ground, raise your chest, bring your legs under your chest in order to stand up. It’s the action of the legs that will make it easier to get back to standing.

Exercise n° 2 : Squat jump

Classic squats can be used to warm up or build muscle. However, when it comes to losing weight, the squat jump is the way to go.

Literally, it is a squat (flexion-extension of the legs) followed by a jump in extension. This sequence should be performed several times and in a fluid manner.

Here, avoid landing on your heels. The idea is to cushion the jump on your toes. Ideally, you should make a minimum of noise at the landing, a sign that the cushioning is optimal, allowing you to greatly preserve your joints.

For beginners, especially during the first sessions, you can perform a 1/2 squat (squat with reduced amplitude) followed by a short jump in extension. Thus, the feet will be slightly lifted from the ground.

For intermediates, the squat jump in its classic version can be used. In fact, you will link a complete squat, having the thighs parallel to the ground with a jump in dynamic extension.

For the experts, it is possible to replace this extension jump by a grouped jump. This means you’ll have to do a squat followed by an explosive jump that brings your knees close to your chest.

Exercise n° 3 To Lose Weight : Lunge Jump

The jumping lunges will be more technically demanding because they will call upon your balance. The exercise consists of standing with one leg in front and one leg behind. From this position, you will have to carry out a lunge (flexion-extension) then a vertical jump allowing to carry out a leg scissors. At the reception, you will carry out again a lunge, a jump and a scissors of legs. What differs from the jump squat is the spread of the legs which will allow to target more intensely the posterior muscular chain.

If you are a beginner, hold onto a fixed support in front of you such as a chair or broom handle.

For experts, jumping lunges can be performed with dumbbells in each hand. This overload will increase the difficulty and calories burned.

Exercise n° 4 : Jumping jack

In parks, group classes or fitness shows on TV, you’ve probably seen athletes doing jumping jacks. This world-famous exercise is accessible to everyone and has been widely proven. The army also uses jumping jacks to keep its troops in good physical condition.

Stand with your feet together and your arms at your sides. The exercise consists in spreading your legs while jumping, while spreading your arms to bring them back above your head. It is thus a question of carrying out a jump on the spot sometimes by spreading arms and legs, sometimes by bringing back them close to the body.

For beginners, squeeze and then spread your legs only. The arms can stay close to the body. This variation is also useful for people with coordination and timing problems.

After a few weeks, you can try the classic version of jumping jacks.

After several months of practice, you can try the star jumps. At the beginning, stand in a kneeling, semi-crouching position. Perform an explosive jump to end up in an X shape with your legs and arms outstretched.

Exercise n° 5 To Lose Weight : Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers have the advantage of burning calories while mobilizing your abdominal muscles. The exercise is relatively simple. Place yourself on the ground with your hands flat and your feet on the balls of your feet. The mountain climber consists of continuously bending one leg while the other is extended. This fast, back-and-forth movement of the knees toward the chest will help you lose weight at home.

To break up the routine, you can flex both legs at the same time, making the exercise much more challenging, or bring your legs back in an oblique motion to work your abs in a different way.

Doing crunches won’t make you lose belly fat : Despite popular belief, doing only crunches will not make you lose belly fat. A 2015 study published in pubmed showed that exercises targeting only the abdominal muscles did not provide any benefits on local fat loss. In other words, if you want to lose weight and belly fat, you don’t need to do hundreds of crunch sets. More global exercises, such as mountain climbers, will be more effective for slimming down your figure.

Exercice n° 6 : Pompes

Push-ups aren’t just for men. Women can also benefit from them to burn calories and gain upper body strength. Of course, there are different variations depending on your level of practice.

Push-ups can be done on your knees, with your feet or hands raised, in the classic way, but also explosive push-ups, for example.

In addition to participating in slimming, push-ups (especially if you keep your elbows close to your body) will solicit the triceps muscles, which are a preferred fat storage area for many people.

In Action

These exercises, if done diligently, will definitely help you lose weight at home. Combined with a low-calorie diet, you will have every chance of burning calories day after day.

Finally, we recommend HIIT training. In concrete terms, this involves linking the 6 exercises presented in the article in the form of a high-intensity training circuit. This type of training has been widely proven to be effective for weight loss.

Each exercise should be performed at high intensity, alternating 20 seconds of effort and 10 seconds of rest. You will move on to the next exercise and so on. This circuit of 6 exercises will only last 3 minutes. By performing 5 rounds of this circuit, you have a 15-minute turnkey workout that allows you to lose weight effectively without equipment and at home.


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