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It’s fall and we are manifesting beautiful hair days. If you’ve been looking for or need some new haircut inspiration, we asked the top hairstylists from New York to L.A. to predict what’s going to be trending this coming fall-winter transition – so you’ve got something to look forward to. bring to your next salon appointment.

Of course, your natural hair is beautiful and doesn’t need to be touched. But if you want to try a new wig, we have some recommendations. Nothing is new – hair trends are cyclical, like fashion returns – but consider this as the hairstyle, cut or color to pair with your new (vintage) loafers.

Back to school is here and it makes us want to change. What better way to get a new look than to run to the hairdresser? From the layered to the short bob and the pixie cut, we give you all the trends for this fall winter 2022-2023.

Short, long or medium-length hair, discover all the hair trends for fall-winter and find the trendy haircut made for you.

The change of season is often a sign of hair renewal! More fragile, finer and duller in autumn and winter, hair needs a little boost to face the cold and display a nice volume. The solution? Opt for a trendy haircut but also rework their highlights by opting for a coloring in the tones of the season.

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We are preparing the autumn outfits composed of a trench coat, a blazer, high boots or even santiags, very fashionable at the moment. Many women want to change their head for the occasion, especially since the summer can sometimes cause significant damage to the hair fiber. The latter is sensitive to the sun’s rays, the pool’s chlorine, the sea’s salt and the beach’s sand. As a result, hair dries out and can become brittle. Colorations tend to become dull, while bleached lengths can turn yellow.

As a first step, it is recommended to ask for a treatment that will repair the hair in depth. Composed of keratin and amino acids, it is very interesting to find a mane full of vitality and flexibility. It is also the occasion to change your head and to start a new chapter with your new haircut, because “back to school” also means renewal.

This fall-winter, the haircut trends are multiple, bold and glamorous to fit all desires and styles. If we find many short cuts tapered and voluminous, we also note a strong trend in the square cuts often accompanied by a fringe. Long and mid-length hair are also popular, with an ultra-sloppy shaggy effect or softer, more rounded lines. Want to change your head? Check out all the haircut trends for Fall/Winter 2022-2023.

The short haircut, a must-have for fall-winter 2022/2023

This fall/winter, the short haircut has airy, unstructured lines to create looks with volume and movement. Often very voluminous on top of the head, the short haircut is worn this fall-winter with a slightly shorter neck, to create contrasts and materials but also to multiply the styling possibilities. Often textured, it can also be gummed, ultra-smooth or curled.

Hair Trends #1. The short voluminous haircut: 

It is characterized by longer locks on the top of the head and the front of the face, which can be styled backwards or fall nicely on the forehead to follow the contours of the face.

#2. The tapered boyish cut: 

A little shorter, this tapered boyish cut adds volume and texture to fine hair. It is worked to be shorter on the sides and to form a tapered fringe on the forehead. We love its trendy “messy” effect.

Hair Trends #3. The revisited scooped haircut: 

A little more tapered and voluminous than previous seasons, the scooped haircut has softer and less graphic lines and becomes a little easier to wear to adapt to all face shapes. Tapered in the mass and in the front of the face, it can also have a slightly plunging line.

#4. The soft pixie cut: 

The short pixie cut is revisited this year in a softer and more airy version. The hair is slightly longer at the front of the face and tapered in the mass to create a very soft volume effect.

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Squares come in all shapes and sizes this fall-winter 2022/2023

A must-have haircut this fall-winter, the bob has a glamorous and chic style. Often wavy, curly or even wavy, it gives a little bohemian touch to the hair and pep to the face. Conversely, it can also be worn ultra-smooth, to give a “glass hair” effect to the hair and boost its shine. Short, above the shoulders or long, here are all the ways to wear it to be in the trend:

Hair Trends #5. The short bob:

It reveals the nape of the neck and gives a nice volume to the hair. Worn with a center parting, it gives a chic and graphic effect to the look. It can also be enhanced with crinkled or softer curls or a wet look for a more sophisticated effect.

#6. The boyish bob: 

Also known as the “boy bob”, this very short bob, tapered at the ends and slightly plunging, brings a 90s touch to the hair. Terribly trendy, it gives character to the face and a nice movement to fine hair.

Hair Trends #7. The long layered bob: 

It is worn just above the collarbones, usually with a tapered or curtained fringe. A haircut that has the advantage of softening round and angular faces and can be styled in a multitude of ways: wavy, smooth or curly.

#8. The graphic bob: 

Worn just above the shoulders, this very straight bob can be worn with a curtained fringe or a shorter lock at the front of the face.

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Mid-length cuts with a retro feel for fall-winter 2022/2023

Often difficult to structure and energize, the mid-length cut is ultra-degreed and tapered this fall-winter and is totally reinvented. Often worn with bangs and on curly hair, it is very voluminous and flexible.

Hair Trends #9. The wolf cut:

 this haircut, on the border between the mullet and the shag cut, is ultra-degraded in the mass and is worn with a tapered fringe. It is perfect for thick or normal hair. It can also be worn with a short cut or long hair. The chic touch: wear it with a curved fringe and wavy waves.

Hair Trends #10. The mid-length shag cut: 

this tapered, voluminous cut nicely frames the face and gives a rock effect to the hair. It is worn with textured, scrunched or slightly wavy hair to accentuate the different levels within the hair.

#11. Structured mid-length cut: 

This is a twisted mid-length cut with a set of shorter strands at the front of the face. The strands can be blended in a more or less subtle way to create an effect of movement and volume within the hair.

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The return of the long haircut for fall-winter 2022/2023

This fall/winter definitely marks the return of ultra-long hair. Inspired by the 70s, the long haircuts are soft, subtly layered and perfectly worked when drying to display a nice fall. They are almost systematically accompanied by a long fringe also called draped fringe.

It is worn with a soft and airy blow-dry, a curtain fringe styled towards the outside of the face, to give that little retro touch to the hair. An ultra-glamorous model.

Barely graded at the edges of the face, this long haircut is perfect for thick hair, which can be worked with a blow dryer and straightening iron to give it a mirror-like shine.

This long cut tapered on the lengths and contours of the face, but also slightly on the overlapping strands, is worn with very soft curls to give movement to the lengths.

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