The One Qualities Most Women Want and Few Men Have

by Ezeneck
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hat do women look for in men? This question will never have a good answer. Each person has his own world full of circumstances that will make him look for one thing or another. Are there any general traits that make a man more attractive to a woman? There is only one way to find out: interview a lot of women and draw conclusions from this field study. That’s what bestlifeonline and the Opinion Reseach Corporation of New Jersey did when they were commissioned to develop a study that looks at what makes a man attractive. Specifically, what aspects of your personality, your physique, your character and what skills you need to be attractive.

In the study, more than 1,000 women between the ages of 21 and 54 were asked this question. And the first surprise is that physical attractiveness is not above other characteristics, but rather a kind of extra. Only 13% of the women surveyed mentioned muscles as an attractive factor. However, 66% say they like a man to have moral integrity. But what do women want? It seems that they are looking for a confident, funny and stylish man. To check if you are the perfect man and your love failures are just a random possibility, here are the 20 most sought-after qualities:

Traits of a seductive man

That he is faithful, trustworthy, kind, upright, with a moral sense and endowed with a paternal instinct.

Personality traits of an attractive man

Sense of humor, intelligent, passionate, self-confident, generous.

Practical skills of an attractive man

Who is a good listener, romantic, good in bed, good at cooking, good at cleaning, and has good financial potential.

Physical attributes of an attractive man

A sense of style, beauty, good height, muscle, physical condition.

Meeting these 20 requirements makes you the most attractive man on the planet. But don’t get obsessed, meeting them all is almost impossible. What you can do is adopt the philosophy behind many of them: self-confidence that allows you to control the energies and channel them appropriately into understanding, empathy and a sense of humor, while bringing calm to deal with the setbacks that life throws at us. It’s clear, right? Attractive men are aware of their limitations and strengths and above all they never lose their cool or are aggressive. They always seem to know what to do in any situation.

What makes a man physically attractive

The work commissioned by bestlifeonline focuses on the psychosocial aspects of men. But what about the physical? To find out, we need to review other studies that have tried to shed light on this aspect, such as the one conducted by the Royal Society Open Science. In the work, they analyzed the evaluations of 800 women in the United States between 17 and 79 years old, who evaluated the body and face of dozens of computer-generated figures that are the result of mixing the physical characteristics of 9,000 men.

And the conclusion was surprising: what makes a man more attractive is his legs. The main conclusion was that most of them found particularly attractive men who had legs that were about half the length of their height. In addition, those with legs that were too long or too short would be particularly unattractive. The authors of the book make sure that this perception is based on an evolving system of judgment because people with undersized limbs are associated with health problems such as type II diabetes.

Here’s what women REALLY hate in men

We often talk about the qualities we look for in a guy. But rarely about what the vast majority of women find repulsive!


You see the guy who starts to send you “I’ve really evolved, all you say is things I’ve experienced and from which I’ve returned”. Well, come back, we’re leaving!


A derivative of the previous one: every time you speak, he rectifies! Date, place, time, you feel like you’re going through your high school again as soon as you open it. We are not here to feel humiliated!


So yes, we could have also mentioned Mr. I decide everything. But we decided and, the worst thing is to have a kid to drag everywhere by the hand. Not to mention that he sometimes has the luxury of sulking.


“Oh, it’s your birthday?” No but hell on earth! Especially when you’ve mentioned it a dozen times in a week… And the train tickets to Normandy? Forgotten too! Rrrr, do you guys know calendars?


You’ve got a lot on your plate but fortunately, Loulou is here to listen to you tonight. Anyway. The little test of the unexpected question “What do you think?” turns out to be positive. He wasn’t listening to you! The best start to an argument we’ve ever found!


The picture to hang in the living room, it’s been hanging in your entrance for two months? Normal, you live with a guy of the type Why do today what you can do tomorrow, probable fan of Orelsan. Take heart.


We know and hate cheapskates. But there are also guys who hurt you in the worst way: by insisting on paying you the exact price of the ice cream you gave him. It smells like a psychorigid guy who doesn’t want to owe you anything… In case he needs to pay you back one day!

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