8 Things Every Man Should Have In His Home

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Mirror and refuge at the same time, the house reveals and protects us. It tells our personality, our history and our secret dreams. It arouses in us contradictory feelings, often passionate, because it is a place of sharing, love and family, but also of conflicts. Our home therefore has a lot to teach us about the way we “live” or not our life.

What things should a man have in his apartment? When you think of a man who wants to be mature, responsible and attentive to detail, his space should definitely reflect that through a beautiful interior that manages to show some personality and is optimal in all aspects of life. However, not all men manage to do this and some have spaces that look empty and are not great for receiving visitors who will leave with a good impression.

On this occasion, we have compiled the opinion of several women who have told us the things they have noticed in some men that they consider essential to at least have a comfortable time. Some are very obvious, but many men often fail. Take note:

First Of All, Your Home Expresses Yourself

Today more than ever, the individual king seems to be very attached to the expressive dimension of the home. Walk into someone’s home, and you’ll know more about them than you would after hours of discussion: the colors they like, the objects they choose to display, the care or neglect with which they treat their home… All clues to a personal journey. When I was a teenager, I wanted every visitor entering my room to understand who I was,” confides this thirty-year-old. So, everything was there: the poster of my favorite singer, the pictures of my girlfriends… “.

If our house serves to reveal us to the other, it can also teach us a lot about our inner evolution. Sometimes, it is enough for us to become aware of the way we arrange our space. Thus, the example of Joseph, 42 years old. In conflict with his mother, he had refused to see her for years. One morning, without really knowing why, he felt like exhibiting some Yugoslavian statuettes that his maternal grandmother had left him. He found a prominent place for them on the ledge of the fireplace in his living room. “Two days later, I called my mother in Croatia. I still don’t know if it was my desire to forgive that led me to dig out those statues or if they led me to reconcile with her.

This collusion between our innermost being and the way we arrange our space appeared already in the writings of Artemidorus of Daldis, a Greek philosopher of the 2nd century BC. Long before psychoanalysis, he affirmed that any house appearing in a dream was an image of the self.

1. More than one towel

“Or that there are usually products in the bathroom,” says one of the testimonials, and he’s right. An empty bathroom is not an option. You need your toiletries, towels, soap for your hands and more than just shower gel and shampoo. With two towels, you’ll be covered as long as you don’t use them while the other one is in the laundry. Other women say an extra toothbrush isn’t a bad idea.

2. A good mattress

“…with a decent sheet, blankets, and a comforter,” said another testimony. Not an unreasonable request, although some stressed that the mattress should be large. Not necessarily a king size, but as long as it’s not a single, you’ll be fine. Remember, you have to say goodbye to old mattresses at some point. For the comforter and the sheets, nothing complicated. Just make sure they are not old and have no stains or holes…

3. A kitchen that is not empty

“It’s horrible to see that they have nothing…” It even sounds cliché, but we’re sure that some men are just not very close to their kitchen. So it’s usually a deserted area with only a few items in the fridge and a few condiments. Unless you don’t have the time, you can spend a few days cooking and at least know a little more about what you need. Develop your cooking skills and you’ll score extra points.

4. A good chair

“Nothing in black ‘faux leather’ or the parents’ heirloom chair…” The heirloom sofa can still be an option as long as it’s not too old or has one of those decades-old outdated designs. It’s best to choose one that matches your personality and has style.

5. Matching glasses and wine glasses

“Along with the wine, of course.” While wine can be an item on this list, we focus first on glasses that don’t look like they come out of different boxes and don’t feel like they serve all drinks combined. On the other hand, wine can give you extra points, knowing that serving it in the right glasses can be the finishing touch.

6. Plants

Many of the testimonials we have compiled mention plants as one of the essential things a man should have in his house or apartment. If you are not a plant lover or you don’t think you can take care of them, you can opt for some that don’t need too much care. They give a better look to your interior and it is better to have a few to fill the space.

7. A bookcase with good books

Although we don’t think this is an opinion shared by all, some women have told us that an apartment with a bookcase is essential but it should have not only encyclopedias that don’t gather dust but also good books. This may have to do with the fact that through someone’s reading you can get to know them a little, without forgetting the intellectual factor. Furnishing a wall never hurts.

8. A coffee machine

We also have to say that we didn’t think all women are coffee lovers, or purist enough to want a coffee machine but having a nice one in one place can make you look a little more sophisticated than if you were drinking instant coffee. We wouldn’t put this on the must-have list but it’s something to consider. Some women tell us that kitchen utensils are also important.

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