Here’s why you should never pee in the shower !     

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Do you have the habit of skipping the bathroom before relieving yourself in the shower ? Beware, this is a very bad habit according to the explanations of a doctor that went viral on TikTok.

No need to lie, we know it happens to you from time to time or even often. You have to urinate, and instead of getting out of the shower stall, you do your business under the hot water jet. This is a mistake.

Peeing in the shower, is it serious or not?

On TikTok, you can find everything, but then, absolutely everything. Beauty tutorials to remove your nail polish with a tampon, make-up tips, gourmet recipes, but also medical advice.

Dr. Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas, a doctor of physical therapy posted a video on her TikTok account that has since gone viral. She explains why you should not pee in the shower, especially when you are a woman.

It is not a matter of hygiene, the urine is indeed evacuated immediately in the siphon without stagnating, and is immediately rinsed from your legs.

There are two main arguments against urinating in the shower. The concern is psychological and physiological.

Having to urinate with the sound of water :

First of all, the doctor explains that if this happens regularly, it is problematic because it can generate an automatic conditioning. Indeed, by dint of peeing in the shower, your brain will end up automatically associating the sound of running water with the action of urinating. Without taking into account the circumstances, and sometimes in defiance of the control of your body. This is what we call a Pavlov reflex.

You will find yourself with an urge to urinate in front of a fountain, while doing the dishes, or while washing your hands in a restaurant. And some women who have difficulty managing their pelvic floor and perineum (like women who have had children, for example) can pay a heavy price. Maybe that’s why you have to pee all the time.

In addition, Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas says that standing to urinate is not natural for people with female reproductive attributes. It prevents the bladder from emptying completely, and therefore requires a return to the bathroom to urinate soon after.

And in case you were wondering, urinating in the bath is a definite no.

So, admit it, it’s a change from the pesto eggs recipe that buzzes on TikTok!

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