Summer Skin Care routine  –  Get Perfect Skin in 8 Steps

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Summertime requires special treatment of the skin – just as we must take special care of our hair in the summer.

The time we spend outdoors is obviously an important factor on skin health due to the effects of the sun and its rays on the skin.

But there are also our outdoor activities that influence skin health and facial care in the summer.

Here, we are thinking of activities at the pool and the various products needed to maintain it, but we should also not neglect the effects of perspiration on the pores of the skin – for the more active and fervent of physical activities.

Whether your lifestyle is the most active or you’re more of a sipping your favorite drink by the water, here’s the best 8-step routine to use to care for your skin in summer.

Step 1 – Use a pre-cleaner

Everyone’s skin needs vary and everyone needs what we call a pre-cleanser.

I would recommend the perfect makeup remover for all clients, with its oil-free eye formula it will quickly become a staple in your routine.

This one will thoroughly remove all traces of makeup, it also removes waterproof mascara and is suitable for all skin types.

Step 2 – Cleanse with a surface cleanser

It is the common cleanser that many know as gel, cleansing milk, foaming gel, etc..

To take care of your face in the summer, it is essential to have one because it is this one that will dislodge the first layer of dirt where we find sebum, pollutant deposits and others.

It is the same as the hairstyle: we will make a first foam to remove the pollutants then a second one for its benefits.

There is a wide range of choices with the Bioéléments line, for example: the positive hydration cleansing milk (dry to very dry skin), the enzymatic instant foaming cleanser (combination, oily, comedogenic, acne-prone).

Of course, there are many other options that can be recommended to you during your consultation with your esthetician.

Step 3 – Apply the toner

The toner is essential in a routine because it will moisten the skin cells to allow the exfoliant and all the other products to penetrate well and bring a maximum of benefits.

Important: Do not neglect the neck when spraying the toner.

With BioElements, you have two choices: Balancing and Power Peptide.

Step 4 – Exfoliate the skin

To take care of your face in the summer, the application of an exfoliant is certainly the most important step in a routine even if it does not necessarily require daily use.

This step allows to remove the dead cells that clog the ostias to finally allow the sebum to flow normally and to avoid blackheads and others.

It will also make the skin smoother and give a better complexion because the exfoliant stimulates the microcirculation in the skin.

The BioElements brand has a great line of exfoliants that are all suitable for different skin types and needs.

Step 5 – Apply toner (again)

This is a step that will greatly improve your results.

So, be sure to re-spray a small amount on your face and neck.

Step 6 – Make a mask

Photo by Mikhail Nilov

The mask will be a solution for many problems because it often contains a panoply of active ingredients that will act for 20 minutes.

This moment of relaxation is essential to take care of yourself because it will not only be beneficial for your skin, but also for yourself.

It can be done at least twice a week for a minimum of 10 minutes to be sure that it acts well and efficiently.

Step 7 – Apply the serum

The serum is the most concentrated product in active ingredients that you can apply on the face, so when it comes to choosing a serum, it is normal to wonder which one to choose…

So we have to target a problem that is more important than the others (the one that bothers us the most) and we choose.

In the end, we often apply it more in the evening to let it work all night long and it is also possible to have more than one serum in our routine.

This one will contain active ingredients that will either help diminish the appearance of wrinkles or brighten the complexion and even more.

Step 8 – Finish with a moisturizer

The cream is very important in a routine because it’s kind of the finishing layer of the routine – it ends the routine beautifully.

It’s called the “protection cream” and it’s not for nothing.

In fact, it will form a protective barrier on the surface to provide water, oil and other important actives.

I strongly encourage you to take a look and try several to find what you are looking for in a cream: whether it is the texture, the smell, the effect on the skin, the level of hydration it provides, etc.

Bonus step – What to do if you go to the sun?

It is PRIMORITY to wear a sunscreen with an fps of at least 30 every day of the year.

This is because sun aging is the most important form of skin aging and affects the majority of people.

The Canadian Dermatology Association recommends an fps of 30.

It is therefore very important to apply a layer and reapply every two hours if you want to get maximum protection for your skin.

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