A beauty checklist to simply feel beautiful

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Sometimes it takes just a little to build confidence. Looking as elegant and fresh as possible? We can all do it! Discover our 10 beauty tips that work to take care of yourself and feel beautiful and comfortable in your skin every day.

1. Take time for yourself

Whether it’s the kids, going out, studying, work… we always have a bad excuse to let ourselves go. But feeling good about yourself and being in a good mood starts with feeling good about yourself. So we set up a minimum daily beauty ritual. A program of only 10 minutes each day in 3 basics: moisturizing the face and body, removing makeup and styling.

And if you have a little more time, try to give yourself a little time to relax from time to time (hammam, sauna, meditation, massage, sports, beauty treatments…).

2. Wear nice lingerie

Even if once dressed it does not show, we always feel more beautiful with cute lingerie, even downright sensual. To combine comfort and sensuality, there’s nothing like a little soft satin panties or an ultra soft lace bra. Also think about playing with colors to boost your mood (flashy yellow, pastel blue, flaming red, soft green, fuchsia pink, vibrant orange…).

3. Scrub your body

Another beauty tip for taking care of yourself: body scrubbing, which has been a revelation for many women. Without overdoing it – once or twice a week is enough – we go gently with an exfoliating glove, in light circular movements. Little by little, unsightly ingrown hairs and other small pimples disappear. The skin becomes soft, supple and beautiful again and you feel better about your body.

4. Take care of your hair

Nothing is more beautiful than a healthy mane. Like your face and body, your hair needs to be pampered. For perfect hair, consider a treatment like Elsève’s Universal Extraordinary Oil. Its advantage? Its 6 sublimating rare flower oils that nourish the hair fiber, help protect the hair from aggressions (brushing, blow-drying, pollution…) and bring a touch of shine to daily life. In addition, this oil leaves a delicate scent on the hair.

Little tip: to take care of particularly dry hair, apply this oil to the entire length of your hair and wrap it in a warm towel. Leave on for 30 minutes before rinsing with cold water. A little ritual to do once a week to have a mermaid hair!

5. Learn to apply makeup

Makeup is an art (or at least a craft). There are many things to know to emphasize the shape and the features of the face, the eyes, and to camouflage the small defects (buttons, redness, skin which shines…). If you want to avoid excesses and you are not sure to be able to master all that, it is better to contact a specialist, who will be able to give personalized make-up advice and gestures to be easily reproduced at home. In the meantime, to limit the damage, a bb cream adapted to your skin tone and a touch of mascara are suitable for all women and only take 2 minutes.

6. Always have impeccable nails

To take care of yourself, having a beautiful manicure is also a nice ritual. In addition to the fact that having beautiful nails allows to send back a neat image, it is also a moment where you can cream your hands to have a soft skin and adorn your nails with pretty colors.

For a top manicure, don’t forget to apply a nail and cuticle treatment to intensely nourish and immediately recover a clean and well-groomed appearance. Dry in 5 minutes, it is applied under or on top of the nail polish with a little massage. The nail is strengthened and the small irritations of the skin around soothed. With healthy nails, you can finally afford a simple file and a pretty transparent ultra-shiny nail polish if you don’t have time to go to an institute or to do the complete manicure combo yourself (file + apply a base + varnish + apply a top coat).

7. Adopt the perfect eyebrow

Drawing your eyebrows is not an easy task. Yet right now, it’s the place to be. Well-filled, perfectly trimmed, uniform… The eyebrows determine the beauty of the eyes, and even the whole face. Fortunately, brands have understood this and are offering more and more pencils or small custom-made kits for perfect eyebrows.

8. Enjoy the night

Taking care of yourself also means getting quality sleep. Not only is it good for your health, it’s also good for your skin. In fact, models make no mistake about it: it’s their beauty secret to have a radiant complexion and zero dark circles.

Sleep is also a good time for cell regeneration. So, it’s the perfect time to opt for night care and get a new skin. Invest in a multi-tasking skin care product that protects, repairs and actively fights against wrinkles, even if they are already present. It’s the best way to wake up to a smoother, more radiant complexion.

9. Choose the right gait

Looking good gives you a real sense of self-confidence. Standing up straight, walking with your head held high, putting one foot in front of the other and putting them down gently (and dropping your heels when you’re not completely comfortable) can change everything!

10. Smile

It is well known that smiling makes you beautiful. This simple gesture brightens the face, costs nothing and pleases the person who receives it. With healthy white teeth as a bonus, it’s even better. So don’t forget to brush your teeth for three minutes after each meal of the day.

In addition, we prefer foods that increase salivation and naturally eliminate deposits on the teeth (apple, celery, carrots, ginger or chamomile infusions…) and we avoid as much as possible foods or behaviors that alter the color and brightness of teeth (cigarettes, red wine, coffee, tea, highly pigmented foods).

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