8 easy and effective makeup tricks

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Get your makeup perfect with these simple tricks.

Achieving a healthy and beautiful look with makeup is easier than you think. Here are a few tricks to help you do just that – stay tuned!

8 easy and effective makeup tricks

Makeup concealer is used to conceal dark shadows and imperfections that may be concentrated in that area. If you apply it in the correct way as explained below, you will highlight and beautify your eyes.

First of all, choose a shade lighter than your skin tone, not lighter because you will create a strange and unnatural effect on your skin. Apply it by dabbing it with your ring finger in an inverted pyramid shape, not in a crescent shape. This will not only cover the dark areas but also brighten them

Do you have a black or other colored pencil but you can’t use it because it barely paints? We have the solution. Heat the tip (a little) with a lighter, let it cool for a few seconds and see how it comes back to life.

Don’t use it as soon as the heat is applied because you can burn your skin. Wipe the pencil over a piece of paper and you will remove the melted layer of the eye pencil and you can apply it on your eye

The swab, or “cotton swab” as it’s commonly known, can be used for a number of purposes. Have you ever lined your eyes but they’re not well defined? Use one of these tools, moisten it with your makeup remover or follow the natural line of your eyeliner.

Often, when it’s time to apply mascara, we smudge our upper eyelid with this product and ruin all our makeup. Remove your makeup to start over? It’s not necessary. Use a cotton swab and gently remove the smudged part.

It’s already well known that using an eyelash curler will curl and lengthen the effect of mascara, but if you heat the curler beforehand, you will intensify its effect. It’s one thing to heat it up a bit with a hair dryer, but it’s another thing entirely to open up the area and your eyelashes. Be careful.

Mascara, like other makeup, lasts for a certain amount of time, approximately three months. From the moment you open it, it starts to dry out and there comes a point when it no longer serves its purpose.

A very simple solution is to add a few drops of saline solution to the container and shake. See how when you take out the brush it starts to paint again.

Looking for visually bigger lips? Your best friend is lip liner. Use a lighter color than the lipstick you’re going to wear to outline your lips and you’re done. If you choose a stronger color you will get the opposite effect.

Rushing is often one of the main reasons why we don’t do our makeup. However, you don’t need so much time to illuminate and beautify your face, with three simple steps you will be ready.

Put a cream or BB cream on your face to moisturize it and give it a touch of color, the skin is the basis of a beautiful makeup. Fill in your eyebrows with a brush or shadow, depending on your preference, and apply a touch of mascara. You’ll notice the results a lot and you don’t need too much time to do it.

Sometimes we have to deal with unruly eyebrows with a life of their own. If after filling them in they are still untamed and you don’t have mascara to groom them, one solution is to apply some hairspray to an old mascara brush (clean and dry).

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