How To Start A Makeup Collection

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Would you like to start trying out different looks, but don’t know which makeup products are essential to a collection? Learn how to choose the makeup basics you need, as well as some fun products that will enhance your collection.

1 Buy The Basic Make-up

First, you need to choose a foundation that matches your skin tone. Most brands offer foundations in light, medium and dark shades. Some brands also sell foundations in different undertones: warm, neutral and cool. These will adapt even better to your skin color and wearing a product with the wrong undertone could make your face look strange. You can choose your foundation as cream, liquid or powder.
A cream foundation will have the most coverage, and this texture is best suited for normal to dry skin.
The liquid foundation will be slightly to moderately covering. This product is perfect for all skin types and is easy to apply.
The powder foundation will have the least coverage. This texture is not recommended for dry skin, but will be ideal for oily skin.
Consider investing in two different foundations: a powder foundation to use on days when you want a low-coverage product and a liquid or cream foundation, when you want a more opaque result.

Then, to add color to your cheeks, buy a blush. Most foundations will even out your skin tone and cover up any redness, but your face may look too plain and bland. Bring a little life to your face with a touch of blush. Blushes come in powder and cream form. Here are some tips for choosing your blush color.
If you have fair skin, choose a pink blush. Some peachy tones may also enhance your look.
If you have an intermediate skin tone, choose a pink or peach. A light mauve shade will highlight cooler skin tones.
If you have darker skin, try berry colors, coral, oranges and rich bronzes.
Try to get a lighter shade for daytime makeup and a darker shade to wear at night.

Thereby, you must choose an eye shadow that goes with your eye color. An eyeshadow will make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Consider buying two or three eye shadow palettes. That way, you can wear different colors with different outfits. Get a palette with light shades to wear during the day and a palette with darker or brighter shades to wear at night. Here are some colors to try.
If you have brown eyes, you can wear just about any color, including bronze, copper, gold, browns, greens, blues, purples and silver.
If you have hazel eyes, stick to brown, bronze and gold, green and purple. Avoid blue.
If you have blue eyes, go for warm colors, such as dark brown, gold and orange. You could also wear cool colors, such as blues, silver, purple and light pink.
If you have light eyes, try beiges, bronze, copper and gold, brown, purple, peach and green.

In the following, you can add black and brown eyeliners to your collection. Black eyeliner is a classic, but brown eyeliner will be a plus in your collection. It is subtle and perfect for natural daytime makeup. You can choose liquid or pencil eyeliners, depending on your preference. Pencil eyeliner is easier to apply, but you might prefer the result you get with a liquid product. For a natural look, try brown pencil eyeliner and for a more formal look, try black liquid eyeliner.

Thicken your lashes with mascara. As with eyeliner, black mascara is the most classic. A brown, however, will give you a more subtle look, especially if you have light hair. Look for a mascara that will give you volume, length, or both!

And, find the right lipstick and lip liner. Think about getting a dark color that you will wear in the evening and a lighter and more natural color to wear during the day. Make sure your lipstick and lip liner are the same color.

Finally, you can buy a concealer to cover up your pimples. If you have pimples, want to cover up dark circles or camouflage a mole, concealer is a lifesaver. You can choose yours in liquid, cream or stick form.

2 Buy More Essentials

In this case, you need to choose a makeup remover. If you plan to wear makeup every day, you will need to use a good quality makeup remover. You will need a basic product for your face and a gentle makeup remover for your eyes.

You can also buy a toner and a moisturizer. The toner will tighten your pores and the moisturizer will hydrate your skin. The moisturizer is especially important for people with dry skin, which may flake under the foundation.

Invest in good quality makeup brushes. To apply your powder and eyeshadow, you’ll need a small assortment of brushes. You can buy these brushes individually or as a complete kit.
Lipstick can be applied directly with a stick or with a small brush.
For eyeshadow, you’ll need several brushes: a thick, soft brush, a crease brush and a blending brush.
Powder brushes are great for applying a finishing powder, powder foundation and blush.
To apply liquid foundation, you may want to use a special brush. You can also apply your liquid or cream foundation with a sponge.

Also, consider buying a makeup box or case. This will keep your makeup neat and tidy. You can also easily carry your makeup with you if you go on a trip or need to reapply it during the day.

3 Buy The Extras

A) To make your foundation last longer, use a base. While not essential, a foundation will help you achieve a smoother look when you apply your foundation by filling in pores and small imperfections. There are bases with different looks, including some with a matte finish.

B) Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. This tool is especially useful for those with straight lashes. By curling your lashes, you’ll get an even more striking result than by using mascara alone.

C) Get thicker lashes with false lashes. Don’t forget to buy some special glue as well. Fake lashes are great for evening looks and will give you an even more glamorous look. Keep in mind that most false lashes can only be worn a few times before they need to be replaced.

D) For thicker, more defined brows, try a special kit. This kind of kit will contain a brush, a powder and a cream or gel. You can use these products to tame and reshape your eyebrows.

E) For those days when you feel like a light makeup, buy a tinted moisturizer. Moisturizer is an important step in skin care and you’ll need to apply it every day. And for those days when you don’t feel like wearing a lot of makeup, a tinted moisturizer is ideal. It will have enough coverage to even out your skin tone, but will be light enough to let your skin breathe. And most importantly, your skin will be hydrated and plumped.

F) Make your lips shine with lip gloss. You can apply gloss directly over your lipstick or use it alone on days when you don’t want to wear a lot of makeup. Because gloss is clear, you won’t have to match it to your lipstick. Try to buy several glosses in different colors. Most lip glosses also come in different shades.

G) Buy a finishing powder or setting spray. While these products aren’t absolutely essential, they will help your makeup last longer, especially in hot weather.

H) Get free samples. This will help you determine which brands you like and which you don’t. Search the Internet or ask at a perfume store if you can get samples. Also consider keeping a list so you can remember what you want to buy (or avoid at all costs).

I) Purchase nail polish. Nail polish will add a touch of color and shine to your nails. If you don’t want to buy a whole collection of nail polish, stick with a beige or nude nail polish and a clear nail polish, but don’t forget to buy nail polish remover! If you’re short on cash, try buying second-hand bottles.


1- Find out the expiration date of products. For example, mascara can last up to three months, while lipstick can last up to three years.
2- Buy your products one by one rather than all at once.
3- Keep in mind that products that make your friend look good may not fit you at all.
4- Try a few different brands, some may fit better than others, and some may give you allergic reactions.
5- Remember to replace your makeup when it expires.
6- Set a budget. Don’t spend all your money on makeup.

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