Manicure: how to take care of your nails?

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A beautiful manicure immediately highlights the hands. Not always easy to master, it requires a certain technique and adapted products. Nail care, polish… All our tips and tricks to take care of your nails and achieve a perfect manicure.

Having well-maintained hands and nails is a sign of health and elegance. Our best ally to help our nails withstand daily stress? A manicure.

But since we don’t always have the time (and money) to go to a beautician, it’s best to know how to do a homemade manicure.

Nail care: the basics of a beautiful manicure

To protect our nails, which are as sensitive as our skin, we must start our manicure with a 4-step treatment:

We file our nails to shape them according to the desired form (squares, rounded, pointed…). Also, to prevent them from splitting.
In a solution containing repairing or hydrating oil, one plunges the end of the fingers to soften the cuticules before pushing them back using a stick of boxwood.
Using a polisher, we smooth the surface of the nails to make them shine and facilitate the application of the varnish.
A base coat is applied to protect and strengthen the nails.
Once the manicure is finished, you can finally give way to your creativity and apply the polish of your choice.

Nail polishes for colorful hands

Nail polishes allow you to dress up your hands and make them even more beautiful. Plain or glittery, matte, glossy or velvet finish… We choose them according to the season and our desires.

In summer, pastel and flashy tones are preferred (coral, lagoon blue or water green). In winter, we calm the game with more discreet colors (nude, burgundy, gray, bottle green …). For the most lazy, the semi-permanent nail polish is perfect to ensure perfectly polished nails for several weeks.

The followers of natural products can now opt for varnishes whose formulas contain fewer chemical components (the latter have been replaced by potato starch, corn …), known to be more respectful of the nail.

French manicure, nail art, false nails: the art of decorating nails

Those who are looking for more eccentricity can opt for nail art, this technique which consists in drawing patterns on their nails. The classic French Manicure (a technique that brings out the natural colors of the nail and makes it shine) remains timeless.

This trend, launched by American women, is not easy to do yourself, especially when the nails are not long enough and require the installation of false nails. It is often the emergency solution for those who naturally have short nails, or tend to bite them: the false nails gel or resin.

Here again, a certain technique is necessary to apply and remove them without damaging the natural nail. For novices, it is better to turn to a professional in a salon or institute.

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