How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under The Eyes ?

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What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes ? and How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles ? Whether they are the result of insomnia, a long-haul flight or simply a busy week, dark circles suggest fatigue, high stress levels and a general atmosphere of exhaustion.

So where do dark circles come from?

“They can be caused by two different factors, which can be caused by both genetics and lifestyle,” explains Dennis Gross, dermatologist and founder of the cosmetic line that bears his name. The first reason is pigmentation, which means there is a darkening of the skin color. It can be hereditary, but it can also be caused by sun damage.”

The other cause of dark circles is dilated veins, “when the veins under the eyes dilate, they become larger and darker. This is often the result of exhaustion, seasonal allergies or diet-related factors.”

According to Dr. Gross, the best way to know what your dark circles are is to pinch them. “If you pinch the skin with a little tug and it doesn’t change color, it’s a pigmentation problem. If the color improves when you pinch, then your problem is with your veins.”

Expert tips for getting rid of them:

1/ Rethink your diet

Any quest to eliminate dark circles must begin with a diet analysis, according to Paula Begoun, founder of cosmetic brand Paula’s Choice Skincare. “While there is no diet that will quickly get rid of dark circles, maintaining an anti-inflammatory diet consisting of plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and good fats can make visible improvements to your skin all over your body, including your eyes,” she tells us.

Unfortunately, according to Dr. Gross, this means ditching the glass of wine at the table and the after-dinner coffee. “Small changes in your diet, such as cutting back on red wine and caffeine, can help reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes,” he says.

2/ Sleep better

“Lack of sleep doesn’t cause dark circles directly, it makes them more visible,” Paula Begoun tells us. Take all the necessary steps to ensure you get enough sleep, but most importantly, turn on the night mode on your phone and tablet all day, as this minimizes exposure to blue light, which has been proven to disrupt our natural sleep cycle.”

3/ Wear sunscreen

“As we know, getting enough sleep is essential to prevent dark circles from becoming more visible. However, it is still important to protect yourself from the sun,” warns Paula Begoun. Putting on sunscreen daily and avoiding tanning (directly in the sun, or worse, in a UV booth) is essential to reduce the appearance of dark circles,” she says.

If you want to both protect and conceal your dark circles, you can use a high SPF concealer like FOCALLURE Concealer High Coverage Waterproof.

4/ Monitor your health

If you smoke, Paula Begoun’s advice is loud and clear: “do everything you can to quit.” “Research has shown that smoking, whether actively or passively, worsens dark circles, as does being overweight or having high cholesterol or triglycerides – all of which can be lowered through diet changes, medication, or exercise. Basically, any effort to improve your health will also have an impact on the appearance of dark circles.”

5/ Take care of your skin

Cosmetics offer many choices for getting rid of dark circles. According to Dr. Gross, products rich in vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are the best option. “These two ingredients help brighten the skin and replace the look of exhaustion with a luminous complexion,” he explains. Vitamin C helps with collagen production, which helps separate the vein from the skin, and hyaluronic acid plumps the skin to limit its transparency.”

The right products: Vitamin C Birghtening Eye Serum and Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Cream,

6/ Create the illusion with makeup

To eliminate dark circles instantly, consider using your makeup bag. The secret? “It’s all about color correction,” Claire Mulleady, international chief makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics, tells us.

“First, analyze the color you want to conceal. It’s common for dark circles to have dark, blue and gray tones, which means you’ll need warm, toned tones to counterbalance. If you have more pink/red tones, you’ll need to neutralize them with an anti-aging shade that leans more toward yellow, she recommends.”

As for application, it’s best to keep a light hand. “Applying only a light veil of the right shade is much more effective than trying to completely eradicate dark circles by applying layers that are too thick,” explains Claire Mulleady.

7/ Conceal without revealing

If concealers aren’t enough, you can try this light-based trick. “Products that discreetly reflect light, such as MAC Prep+Prime illuminating pencil, can help lift the brightness under the eye, and are especially effective for the inner corner of the eye,” says Claire Mulleady. Just use a light powder on top, so you don’t over-emphasize the eye area.”

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