The Secrets Of Korean Women To Have A Beautiful Skin

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The beauty products from Korea, it’s the trend that lasts, lasts … While many beauty-addicts are snatching them up in order to perhaps achieve the same perfect skin as Korean women, it is appropriate, after all this buzz, to take stock.

It is likely that in your bathroom, without knowing it, you already have a good number of Made in Korea skincare products: your BB, CC creams, your foundations and cushion lipsticks, your fabric masks, your snail slime cream, etc. In addition to all these cocooning care that boosts the skin, Korean women adopt an incredibly long, tedious and meticulous beauty routine. You don’t get something for nothing! First of all, you should know that Korean women spend an average of 1 to 1.5 hours in their bathroom. Morning AND evening. This is the time they need to take care of their skin and apply the different and numerous treatments. All this time and money has no other purpose than to obtain a perfect and flawless skin, an even and radiant complexion, but also to prevent the appearance of wrinkles or skin dryness. This routine that Korean women impose on themselves is perceived as a sign of self-respect, and of others, takes time and consists of several steps, perfectly studied and mastered.

The cult of makeup removal

Although it is very important in all cultures, it is even more important for Korean women. Indeed, they remove their makeup in the evening, like all good students that we are, we also do it, but also in the morning. And that every day, without exception. This step allows to stimulate the microcirculation which is considered to be a determining element for the beauty of the complexion. Korean women take about 45 minutes to remove their makeup, during which they detoxify, cleanse and purify. They don’t skimp on accessories either: sponges, cloths, electric brushes, etc. They leave nothing to chance.


In addition to these sophisticated treatments, Korean women adopt layering. Layering consists of accumulating several products on the skin to ensure maximum benefits. They can apply up to 12 products in the morning and evening on the skin. They are proud of it and proclaim it loud and clear: this layering is their beauty secret for a clear, flawless and transparent skin. This precise layering protocol, very common in Asia, consists of seven steps on average, to be performed twice a day. It takes into account that each product used has qualities and benefits, but also defects. For example, oil removes make-up very well, but it leaves traces. Soap, on the other hand, eliminates these same residues but the water used to rinse it dries the skin. It is from this observation that this ritual was born. It follows a precise order so that each new beauty gesture neutralizes the inconvenience of the previous one and potentiates its benefits.

The steps of layering

Step 1: Oil makeup removal – at night Oil allows for gentle, effective and economical makeup removal. Only a few drops of the product are enough to remove the entire face. To remove the oil, you need to clean your face.

Step 2: Cleansing with soap – morning & evening This will remove excess and traces of oil, but also dead skin and other “dirt”.

Step 3: Lotion – morning & evening The lotion will eliminate the calcareous residues due to the rinsing of the soap, soothe and reveal the radiance of the complexion. It also provides additional hydration and is associated with other active ingredients (toning, astringent, firming) to have a product adapted to its skin type.

Step 4: Eye contour care – morning & evening The eye contour area is much thinner and more fragile, and this is where the first signs of aging appear, such as fine lines and dark circles. And as we all know, wrinkles are the pet peeve of Korean women.

Step 5: The serum – morning & evening This powerful treatment addresses a specific problem (firmness, hydration, wrinkles) and activates the benefits of the day cream.

Step 6: Day cream / night cream This step moisturizes and protects the skin daily. A real shield to face the outside world.

The beauty according to the Korean women

So, after having done all this routine, Korean women can afford to leave their home. As soon as they have superimposed creams, fluids, lotions, etc., their complexion is clearer, more even and radiant. Fresh and luminous, as a young girl’s skin can be. There is no question of having dilated pores, an uneven complexion or even the slightest pigmentation spot. The complexion must be as iridescent as a pearl.

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