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Korean cosmetic care, still known as k-beauty, has experienced a worldwide boom a few years ago, revealing the secrets of the beautiful glowing skin of Korean women. The main thing is really to take care of the regularity of the care, the good hydration of the skin and the use of natural ingredients. Korean skin care consists of 10 precisely defined steps, but does not involve a long-term beauty routine. Read on to find out how to organize the different procedures and choose the different products that will help you achieve optimal results. What products are used in these 10 miraculous steps?

1. Oil cleansing and makeup removal

Do you like to do your beauty routine at night? If so, the first thing you need to do is remove your makeup. For this, your best ally is a quality oil-based makeup remover. Apply the product directly to the skin or to a cotton pad and let the makeup dissolve. It’s important not to rub the skin unnecessarily, but really to give your makeup products the time they need to leave the impurities on their own.

2. Cleaning the skin with foam or gel

The main mistake is to think that removing makeup is the same as cleaning your skin. In reality, you should still be cleansing your skin after you remove your makeup! Choose a gel cleanser or for example the Shea Butter Facial Cleanser Foam foam which cleanses your face perfectly and is also suitable for sensitive skin. Simply apply a little gel to your wet skin, lather and rinse.

3. Peeling

To make your skin look cleaner and brighter, regular exfoliation is also necessary. It removes dead skin cells and blackheads, prevents pores from clogging and slows down acne. For a really visible effect, we recommend that you include a weekly peel in your beauty routine.

The Facial Cleansing Brush Waterproof, Ultra Hygienic Soft Silicone rubber exterior provides the softest and most gentle face cleansing and massage for all skin types normal. With the device is IPX7 watertightness, can be used in the shower and bath.Face massage every time you use your watertightness sonic face cleaner to clean while it increases collagen & boosts circulation. Reduces fine lines & wrinkles, restores skin’s firmness.

TIP: If your skin is very dry or sensitive, think twice before using a peel and seek professional advice. Both chemical and mechanical peels are invasive and can be harmful to sensitive skin. If you do decide to have a peel, however, choose a gentle product that is better suited to your skin type.

4. Skin toning

While we are used to using toners as the last step in cleansing our skin, Korean skin care techniques consider this type of product as a moisturizing first step, so its composition is different. Toners contain moisturizing substances that also enhance the moisturizing effects of all other products used. So if you want to enrich your daily routine, choose a toner from one of the Korean cosmetic brands.

5. Face Essence

Using a face essence is really a step that we regularly forget in our western beauty routines. It is not a mistake, but a simple habit. However, this step is really essential in the “korean skin care” routine. Its role is to promote the absorption of other skin care products used and therefore to maximize the skin’s hydration.

6. Customized serum

The next step is to apply a very targeted treatment. What problems does your skin have to deal with on a daily basis? Choose the product best suited to your answer. This is most often a serum.

If you are eager for hydration, 24K Gold Face Serum, contains plant extracts to add nutrients and moisture to the skin. It can relieve dry skin and reduce fine lines. Long-term use can brighten skin tone, anti-aging, and remove wrinkles

If you want to fight against wrinkles, you should choose an anti-aging serum from the Instant Wrinkle Remover Face Serum Lift Firm, rich in caviar, centella asiatica and other ingredients, can smooth wrinkles and fine lines, enhance elasticity and skin radiance, stimulate collagen production, firm sagging skin, repair skin, brighten and moisturize dull and dry skin skin.

7. Fabric mask

Just like with serums, you are the only one to decide what effect your mask should have on your skin. Don’t worry, you will certainly find the right product among the Korean masks.

8. Eye care

No need to wait for the first wrinkles to appear around your eyes. On the contrary, regular care of your eye area is the best way to delay the appearance of the first crow’s feet.

If you want to remove dark circles, this eye serum is rich herbal essence and probiotic technology has a powerful ability to regenerate and repair damaged skin cells. It can soothe eye skin tension, moisturize, tighten and repair skin, help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. At the same time, it has the functions of removing dark circles and anti-puffiness, anti-aging and accelerating the regeneration of skin texture, and intensely hydrates dry skin .

9. Moisturizing Cream

Moisturizing your skin with a cream is almost the last of the 10 steps of Korean face care. The goal is always to maintain a maximum level of hydration for as long as possible. The VIBRANT GLAMOUR Retinol Face Cream, 2.5% pure Retinol helps combat the five visible signs of aging:wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone, rough texture, and loss of firmness. Icreases skin elasticity, promotes collagen production, and stimulates skin cells renewal to nouish skin whitening and moisturizing.

10. Sun Protection

If you’re doing your skincare routine in the morning, the moisturizer should still be followed by an SPF cream. No matter what the weather, the sun’s rays are always working on our skin, so it’s important to protect it, especially to prevent premature aging or the appearance of dark spots.

Try the Disaar Sunscreen which is light and comfortable with an SPF of 50/SPF of 90, suitable for all types of skin. Its tinting effect also helps you even out your skin tone and, like all other Korean skincare steps, it still provides nutrition and moisture.Enriched with plant extracts and antioxidant ,this sun block has unique UV protection element ,forms tight protective network on the skin surface to block UVA /UVBdamage ,helps inhibit free radicals , increases the skin’s defending ability ,pampers cells,enhances elasticity and prevents wrinkles & fine lines.

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