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Are you tired of having brittle nails? Chemical products, frequent hand washing or even weather conditions can damage your hands and weaken your nails. Synonymous with femininity, women like to have long nails, but the softer they are, the more likely they are to break or even split. So, how to strengthen your nails? Here are 5 natural tips to strengthen fragile nails and keep them in perfect health.

Strengthen your nails naturally with bicarbonate

A DIY (do it yourself) treatment that’s very easy to make. All you have to do is mix a spoonful of baking soda with warm water. Then leave your nails to soak for about ten minutes. Thanks to its richness in sodium and its numerous benefits, your nails will come out stronger and more resistant.

For a whitening effect, we advise you to apply the baking soda directly on a previously moistened toothbrush ?and then clean the surface of the nail directly.

Having stronger nails thanks to food supplements

Soft nails can be due to a poor diet. Therefore, opting for dietary supplements for nails formulated with B vitamins and zinc. That will help you strengthen the most fragile nails.

Our gummies are food supplements specially designed with vitamins B8 and B6, which help to thicken the cuticles, while preserving the nail matrix. A natural solution to have beautiful nails, but also to take care of your skin and make your hair more shiny and resistant.

Another tip for boosting the health of your nails is to regularly consume calcium, preferably from dairy products, without forgetting iron. To do this, include red meat, legumes and dark chocolate in your diet.

Castor oil, the essential ally for brittle nails

Castor oil is a 100% natural vegetable oil extracted by pressing the seeds of this shrub. Known for its numerous benefits for the beauty of the skin and hair, castor oil is also recommended for strengthening nails, nourishing them and promoting their growth.

This miraculous oil with a viscous texture is naturally rich in vitamin E and in omega-6 and 9.  It contains fatty acids, particularly ricinoleic acid, which provides ultra-nourishing and protective properties.

To have more resistant nails, you just have to apply castor oil on the surface and under the nail, then wait about ten minutes before applying your polish. It is also possible to soak your nails in an oil bath if necessary and then gently massage your cuticles before rinsing them.

And finally, for an intensive treatment in case of very damaged nails, it is advised to leave the vegetable oil on overnight so that your nails can absorb all its benefits. When you wake up, your nails will be regenerated and full of vitality.

Strengthen your nails with lemon care

In case of brittle nails, here is a natural grandmother’s remedy that has proven to be a fortifier. If you didn’t know, this citrus fruit has many virtues for the beauty of your nails, as it is an :

  • antiseptic and antifungal
  • anti yellowing
  • anti breakage

To strengthen your nails, this natural tip is very easy to do at home. You will just have to rub your nails against the lemon pulp. You can also cut half a lemon and squeeze it into a bowl filled with water, then soak your nails in it and let it work for a few minutes.

If you don’t have fresh lemon, you can use lemon essential oil mixed with a spoonful of sweet almond for a revitalizing treatment, perfect for having nice shiny nails.

Harden your nails with olive oil

Just like the skin, the nail is largely composed of keratin, it is important to take care of it. Olive oil is an ideal vegetable oil when you have ridged or split nails that tend to break. To do this, simply add a few drops of lemon to two tablespoons of olive oil. to soften the cuticles and strengthen your nails. Massage gently for about five minutes and then rinse.

This natural revitalizing treatment is to be done twice a week to find shiny, more resistant nails.

In summary, to strengthen your nails and take care of them, simply opt for natural products such as vegetable oils, bicarbonate or lemon. If you want to boost their growth and make them more resistant, discover now our duo of beauty food supplements based on vitamins and minerals, for shiny nails.  

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