The hottest manicure trends for summer 2019

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Get ideas and show off your nails during the hottest days of the year – there’s something for everyone!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past few months (in beauty terms, of course), it’s that it’s possible to achieve any trendy manicure at home. We have already experimented with nail art trends, such as ‘aurora’ nails inspired by the borealis, ‘indie’ manicures or ‘smiley nails’…

Now, when the hottest days of the year are about to arrive, it’s time to renew not only our closets, but also the nail polishes that we will wear on our hands (and feet) during the summer. If you want to go trendy, but don’t even know where to start and need more inspiration, take a look at the latest trends that are already triumphing on Instagram and have us obsessed.

“This summer, get ready for bold, bold colors and muted earth tones,” says Rita Remark, Essie’s Global Lead Educator. Ready to discover all the options ?

From fuchsia to mocha

“Over the next few months, we’ll be seeing a lot of bluish fuchsia shades, such as ‘Bachelorette Bash’ from Essie’s classic range. If you prefer to stay in neutral territory, opt for a warm mocha shade like ‘Cold Brew Crew’ from ‘Expressie,’ recommends the expert.

Combination of two tones

“I suggest doing monochromatic combinations or in complementary colors. Combine the fuchsia of ‘Bachelorette Bash’ with a creamy apricot, such as the ‘Tart Deco’ shade from the classic range. Finally, to keep the muted tones of ‘Cold Brew Crew,’ pair them with a cloudy white like ‘Marshmallow,'” she adds.

Full-color French manicure

Influencers have transformed brides’ favorite nails into the coolest thing on Instagram and now different French manicures are being worn a lot. The polish of a lifetime is reinvented and the tips are no longer worn white. “The most requested colors this summer are, without a doubt, the fluoride tones”, tells us the manicurist Sasha Bubyr.

A tip: if you want to do a French manicure at home and you have very long nails, pay attention to this trick.

Manicure with waves

We also have to talk about the manicure with waves, the new trend that sweeps Instagram. “This manicure, in general, combines two or more colors that can be of the same chromatic range but can also be totally different tones,” adds the expert. Hailey Bieber and Laura Escanes have already signed up for this trend. What about you?

French manicure with half moon

Half-moon nails are also sweeping our Instagram feed. “Of course, this trend favors girls with a large nail base because it is important that there is space to do it,” adds the expert.

With hearts

The manicure with hearts for the undecided: finally you won’t have to bet on a single color of nail polish! “Now we see a lot of hearts in red and pink, but it’s a trend that can also be worn, for example, with pastel colors,” adds Sasha Bubyr.

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Pink in all its variations

Manicurist Natalia Caldera Dómine makes it very clear: pink is going to make its mark this season, in all its shades! “I would highlight the very striking tones like fuchsia,” she says. You can paint each nail in a different way (mismatched nails are still one of the most powerful trends!), do a manicure with a different color on each nail or go for a more classic and minimalist finish. It’s up to you.

This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

Baby blue nails

“Baby blue will also be among our favorites. In our salon it’s a big hit this season, beating out lilac, last year’s trend color, which is actually going to lose a lot of steam this summer,” says the manicurist. If you are a bit more skilled, you can use this color for a more elaborate and ‘arty’ manicure.

Pastel or neon?

“Pastel shades will continue to be a safe bet as well. I think the most desired is green, it is worn in different shades, even with geometric patterns. Of course, with the arrival of the heat, these colors will become more striking, and will also be worn in neon versions. Shades such as neon orange or neon yellow will be the most desired,” explains Sofya Khasanova, one of the founders of Siberia Salon.

White nails

“White nails are a classic. They are always a very successful choice during the warmer months because with tanned skin they stand out more and make the tan stand out. The only drawback of this color is that all imperfections are noticeable, so the manicure should always be perfect,” warns the expert.

What’s your favorite trend? Make an appointment at your salon and sign up for the trendy nails now!

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