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Tired of having brittle nails that don’t grow fast enough? Nails grow on average 3 to 4 millimeters per month, provided you take care of them! To have long nails quickly, we reveal here all our tips to accelerate the growth and finally have that manicure that makes you dream!

1. Moisturize to promote nail growth

Did you know that hydration plays a major role in having healthy, shiny nails? Just like our skin and hair, nails are made of keratin. Thus, hydration allows us to take care of them, but also to have long nails faster. To nourish them in depth, we recommend vegetable oils such as :

  • Castor oil, rich in fatty acids including omega 6 and 9, known to promote nail growth.
  • Argan oil, ideal for strengthening brittle, soft or split nails.
  • Sweet almond oil to soften and moisturize nails.
  • Olive oil, known for its benefits on damaged nails.

Beauty tip: apply the moisturizing oil to unmanicured nails, not forgetting the cuticles, then gently massage until absorbed. Repeat this gesture daily to boost growth.

2.  Eat a healthy diet to have strong and resistant nails

To understand the role of diet on our nails, we must first identify the problem at the source. Nails grow under the skin in the nail matrix where collagen and keratin are formed. These two components are mainly manufactured thanks to our diet. When nails are weakened, they break or split. Therefore, having a balanced diet does not create deficiencies in vitamins, amino acids or minerals.

To have long nails and strengthen them naturally, group B vitamins such as biotin are excellent contributions. If you lack iron, for example, the matrix will be poorly oxygenated, which will cause vertical striations on the nail. They can also be a sign of a lack of magnesium.

To reinforce their solidity, proteins and omega-3 fatty acids are also recommended.

3.   Think about beauty supplements to make your nails grow faster

Taking supplements to supplement a deficient diet or because you want to have long nails quickly, is a good alternative. Considered as a growth cure, the best dietary supplements for nails are formulated with :

  • Zinc, antioxidant and the ideal ally for brittle and weakened nails
  • Biotin, also called vitamin B8. It participates in the metabolism of amino acids, essential to the growth of nails.
  • Vitamin B6 which contributes to cell renewal, and more particularly to the formation of keratin.

To have long nails, in perfect health, discover now . Delicious gummies made with fruit pectin and natural flavors, to chew at any time of day to accelerate nail growth.

Remember also to wear gloves when you wash dishes or if you use chemical products. The latter can attack them and are, therefore, responsible for their fragility.

4.   Pamper your cuticles to get long nails quickly

The cuticle is the small skin at the base of the nail, it serves to protect it. When you do a manicure, here are some aesthetic tips:

Never cut your cuticles, but gently push them back with a suitable utensil, such as a steel cuticle pusher or a boxwood stick for example.

Massage them with a nourishing oil or hand cream to soften damaged cuticles.

Remove the small skins around them that impede nail growth.

5.    File your nails regularly and protect them

To prevent nail breakage, one of the tips often recommended is to file your nails regularly to maintain their strength.

Another tip for taking care of them is to apply a protective base on the nail surface to improve the resistance of weakened nails.  Some nail polishes, enriched with keratin, aim to regenerate and accelerate the regrowth of damaged or bitten nails. They act especially on the health of the nails by hydrating them and by making them more resistant.

In short, to have long nails quickly, we advise you to take beauty supplements specifically formulated to boost growth and make them more resistant. But also, eat healthily and take nourishing care regularly to protect them on a daily basis.

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