15 Great Tips for a Perfect Manicure

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It turns out that to have a perfect look, you have to take care of the smallest details. So it is very important to always have perfect nails.

Sympa-sympa.com publishes just for you 15 tips that will help you create and maintain the beauty of your hands.


If your nail polish is gone and you don’t have time to redo your nails, you can always give them a makeover by putting glitter on them. You can also hide the part of the nails that has grown out.

Always have glitter of different shapes and sizes at hand. You can have more interesting manicures. You can put the big glitters with a needle or a toothpick. Your nails will look more polished than if you apply them with a brush.


Drops look great on matte polish. The background enhances their volume and shape.

Make sure the drops are different sizes, so they look more natural and give a dewy effect on your nails.


To create a spectacular manicure, you can use… newspaper. You will also need nail polish, round cotton pads and liquid to transfer the symbols printed on the nails (alcohol or perfume for men).

With this technique you can let your imagination fly. Try to transfer not only letters but also printed objects. Use colors and letters. Let your imagination run wild to create extraordinary things.


To make a perfect French manicure or to create asymmetrical patterns, use adhesive tape. It sticks very well to your nails and you can remove it without any problem.


Use a perforated bandage as a stencil. You will get perfect circles placed at the same distance from each other.


You can also use a net. Put it on the nail, fix it and put some polish on it.

White glue

There are special products that form a protective layer on the cuticle and on the fingers, preventing the nail polish from coming into contact with the skin. They are very useful. However, you can try with simple white glue, which will also help you.


You can make a gradient on your nails by using a small sponge.

The horizontal gradient is more and more used… why not try with a vertical gradient? You’ll have a very special manicure.

Hair pins

To get a perfect circle, dip the round end of a hairpin in polish and apply it to the nail.

Eye Shadows

If you want your eyes and nails to match, or if you have shadows you no longer use, mix them with your clear polish.

Eye Shadow Applicator

If you want to use shadows for your manicure, apply them with a brush or applicator.

To do a new matte manicure, use this tip: Boil water in a pot. Put some polish on your nails and steam them for a few minutes.


If you want to combine your nail polish in gloss and matte, use potato starch. Put some polish on your nails. Mix a few drops of clear nail polish with starch on wax paper until you get a smooth paste. Quickly apply this preparation on the part of the nail that needs to be matte.


Make a design with varnishes on the surface of a plastic, let it dry. Separate the preparation and put it on the nail, fix it with transparent varnish.

Take into account that in this case it is not necessary to use several colors. You can draw on the plastic a rectangle of a single color, or a circle, and cut out the desired shape. For example, a heart, a star, stripes, and many other things.

A tea bag

A tea bag can be very useful to repair a broken nail. Cut a rectangle out of the fabric of the teabag. File the nail, put a layer of glue and put the rectangle of cloth on it. As soon as it dries, put another layer of glue. File the nail again and apply several coats of clear nail polish.

Bonus: how to remove the nail polish on the fly!

Put two sponges in a bottle. Pour some nail polish remover inside. Cap the bottle and shake it. This way you can remove nail polish quickly and well.

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