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Perspiration is absolutely a good thing, especially now. The wellness movement has augmented bodily awareness and inspired people to embrace traditionally less-thought-of parts of the physical being.

The appearance of the Underarm care

Underarm care has appeared as an innovative category, one that’s particularly intriguing as the last 2 years has, for many, brought on an abundance of sweat stress.

The dermatologist and founder of Surface Deep For humans Alicia Zalka, says that the physiology of sweating is crucial to maintaining a healthy and safe body temperature , she explained that we offset excess heat from the body by way of our built-in cooling mechanism.

Sweat droplets from within sweat glands are produced, when the body produces too much heat, she continues. The moisture permeates on the skin surface through the portals of microscopic sweat ducts.

The moisture of sweat releases heat and cooling takes place when it meets the air by evaporation.

As vital as sweating is to helping the body stay balanced, its results aren’t always desirables, especially when there’s an excess of body scent.

Nonetheless, what many don’t know about sweat is that at its source, it has no smell. Dr. Zalka explains that it gains odor when the bacteria identified as Corynebacterium exist on the skin interacts with the oils and sweat generating the smell we know as body odor.

That’s where underarm care, from thorough exfoliating and cleansing to a refreshing deodorant, comes in: to not only to preserve the odor under control, but also contribute to your body’s general well-being.

Follow these steps so you can detox and nourish your underarms:

Cleanse Daily

The underarms are a part of the body that is considered as an intertriginous zone, which means that it’s prone to being moist due to absence of airflow due to the folding of the skin. It can often harbor particular bacteria and fungal-yeast organisms.

Dr. Zalka explains that cleansing and proper care are very important to decrease unwanted moisture and preserve the natural balance of the microbiome. Yet, doing so must be approached delicately.

She recommends washing the underarms no more than once a day, unless we have a very physically or athletic demanding job or hobby. Also, alternating between the different PH-balanced body or underarm cleansers.

Exfoliate Regularly

Just like our face, underarms can be impacted by skin irritation and sensitivity.

 Conferring to Dr. Zalka, clogged pores, too much oil, pimples known as folliculitis, a buildup of dead, dull, and sometimes discolored skin cells, are all reasons exfoliation should extend under the neck.

There are physical exfoliants like masks or scrubs that manually remove dead skin debris and cells. Chemical exfoliants too such as toners that harness the power of AHAs, BHAs, and PHAs to lightly melt away the buildup.

 To avoid the irritation, the Dr. Zalka recommends using a glycolic toner for no more than 5% glycolic acid to improve overall tone and texture and slough away dead skin. And maybe using the exfoliating deodorant pads like as Surface Deep’s innovative Anti-Odorant Pads, which has probiotics and antioxidant-rich ingredients with fruit-based glycolic acids to inhibit the bacteria that causing bad smell and resetting the natural balance of the skin’s microbiome.

Shave Gently

If you want to shave your underarms, think of doing it so like skiing. And if not done on a smooth surface, you are skiing moguls and it is a bumpy experience. You have to glide down to prevent razor ouches, explains the Dr. Zalka.

For a smooth shave, a shave gel or at least a moisturizing cleanser in a warm shower is critical to avoid razor bumps and burn, she highlights.

 If you’re susceptible to irritation or want to precaution against ingrown hairs as much as possible, prep a night before.

Go to bed with a tinny layer of moisturizer on the area you want to shave, instructs Dr. Zalka. This will generate a friction-free experience the next day.

 Razor-wise, be sure to change the razor at least once every 1 to 2 weeks. Yes, it’s expensive, but prevents problems!

Moisturize Intermittently

In the same ways your face and body crave moisture, your underarms require hydration to look and feel their best. They just need it quite and frequently.

Since they are damp, Dr. Zalka recommends using a body lotion or pH-balanced underarm once or twice every week, or more as required for dryness.

Another tip for supple and sooth underarms, is to take a break from shaving and deodorant when you notice irritation.

Deodorize Consciously

Looking for the right deodorant, the Dr. Zalka’s foremost instruction is: To listen to the body. If the deodorant is leaving too much residue on your skin and clothing or causing irritation, you must choose another.

If you want to upgrade to the next level, consider selecting one that is “simple and clean, avoiding phthalates and fragrance-free, sulfates, parabens, or dyes.

Search for products with the least chemicals, she added. Isn’t that the situation with the foods we eat too? Moreover, unless you want to block moisture because you have unnecessary sweating known as hyperhidrosis.

The  Dr. Zalka advises avoiding aluminum in our deodorant, because Aluminum-containing antiperspirants which are lifesavers for some, but not all of us need aluminum in our day-to-day underarm care. It’s possible to stop odor without blocking sweat. Sweat is intentional, odor is preventable.

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