DIY Your At-Home Tie Dye and  Sewing Mask

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Are you Looking for your next home activity? A DIY Your At-Home Tie Dye and  Sewing Mask ? Don’t Look further than these DIY fashion design-centric ideas that won’t break the bank account.

At-Home Tie Dye

Maybe you’ve already mastered the baking sourdough, finished your most puzzling of puzzles. Or just simply looking to spark up your internal creativity, consider that your weekend plans is arranged.

It’s really amazing how a little TLC to unworn dresses or beat up sandals goes a long way with the assistance of patches and embellishments ( Fabric glue too). According to the designer Roxanne Assoulin, designing your own jewelry can be a great form of discharge. It’s happy, healing, and mindless too. There’s no wrong or right way to put beads together as long as you’re having a good time. All you need is some prep, some helpful tips, patience, and of course, the right materials.

Discover 7 stylish ways to design on a dime.

Personalized Patchwork

Make old clothing looks new again using few patches or some modified embroidery. First, you’ll need to select the items in your closet that you want to patch up. Anything denim is a good place to start, maybe sweaters, tees… Choose either sew or iron on patches. If you’re looking for something more innovative, just try your hand in letter embroidery with a little help from a kit from Wool and the Gang.

DIY Tie-Dye

For another summer, the trendy tie dye is back. Just put a spin on plain white t-shirts or any other white items you can get, and get your  at-home tie-dying . And if that tie dye bike short or sweatsuit you’ve been watching has gone out of stock, you’re in luck. Then, you can give those items a dye try yourself.

We recommend working outdoor if you can as things can get pretty disorganized. Look to the spring runways and this tie dye guide for more  pattern and color inspiration. Don’t forget rubber bands and gloves!

Just-Like-Camp Jewelry

Relive the summer time camp and make your own friendship necklaces and beaded bracelets just from home. Beachy baubles, colorful threads and shells, beads and charms are the perfect formula for crafty, DIY summer style.

By designing one with a smiley bead or positive message will boost your mood while you make and wear it, and would make you thinking about a gift for friends and family during these days too.

While designing your own masterpiece, it’s supposed to be enjoyable, and don’t forget that it is also a “process and it takes time” as creative director Tessa Tran from Chan Luu notes “mix things up, don’t be afraid to take risks, have fun with it!”.

Also, Tessa suggests mastering some basic skills before getting started like forming simple wire loops and closing and opening jump rings. She added that  learning these practices brings opportunity for endless designs.

Cute Feet

Be ready, sandal season is nearly here. Spruce up a pair with a little assistance from ‘’fabric glue’’. Try tying and wrapping worn in bandanas around the sandal straps, dot them with rhinestone or pearl embellishments, or just trim them in embroidered ribbons or eyelet lace.

DIY Your Own Masks

Ashley Graham, Karlie Kloss and Paloma Elsesser are all making their own masks at home! It may be an old shirt, a pillow case, or even a dust bag from handbag or a pair of shoes. All you need is rubber band or a hair tie and the right folding method.

 For anyone who wishes to take the mask making one step further, check the Hilary Teymour of Collina Strada’s five step mask sewing guide.

To Bead and Beyond

It’s time to give your old t-shirts a makeover, break out the fabric scissors. For the creator Sarah Staudinger, the mastermind behind the ready-to-wear brand Staudinger and must-have bags, discovering ideas by hand at home like beading and fringing shirts. It has been a entertaining and inspiring past time while working on her future collection.

Staud notes to first cut the bottom of your shirt into fringe strips (for about half an inch), and then wet them to make the edges curl. Grab a handful of your favorite beads, knot at the ends, done!

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