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She is a star in Stranger Things, whose season 4 is currently airing on Netflix, and was recently featured in the films Elena Holmes (2020) and Godzilla vs Kong (2021). Millie Bobby Brown, is a young actress with an exemplary and precocious career.

Born on February 19, 2004 in Marbella, Spain, she became, in 2017 and at only 13 years old, the youngest actress nominated for an Emmy Award for her role as Eleven in the drama series, where teenagers find themselves in the clutches of a parallel world, populated by dangerous creatures.

With her success on the small and big screen, Millie Bobby Brown was quickly courted by brands such as Converse or Calvin Klein, of which she became the muse in 2017. Committed teenager, she also finds herself an ambassador for Unicef at 14 years old. Portrait of a young girl to follow.

A quick success thanks to Netflix

Passed first by furtive appearances on television, in series such as Once Upon a time in Wonderland, NCIS or Grey’s Anatomy, she sees her career take off thanks to her role in the Netflix series, Stranger Things, in 2016. While fans are reveling in season 4 of the series, it is clear that Millie Bobby Brown will be one of those actors that the public sees growing on screen. An idea that she still has, by her own admission, difficulty integrating: “It’s quite a strange impression … “, she explained to the Belgian media La Libre in 2017.


In the second and third installments of the Godzilla saga, the teenager is already being compared to Natalie Portman, whose career began at the age of 12. Like the latter, Milli Bobby Brown also suffers the setback of being a child star.

Yet, the one who has been home-schooled since the age of 9, has had a hard time understanding her new celebrity status: “I feel like I’m in a kind of whirlwind. Everything went so fast,” she admitted to La Libre.


The teenager became aware of her notoriety thanks to her Instagram account, “I remember it precisely. It was a July 15. The series had just been scheduled by Netflix. Right before I was credited with Stranger Things, I had 24 followers at best. Three months later, I reached 2 million. And it’s still climbing, it’s amazing.” In 2022, the young actress has almost 55 million followers on the social network Instagram.

Millie Bobby Brown, a teenager with strong positions

Like many teenagers of her generation, Millie Bobby Brown does not hesitate to publicly proclaim her convictions. Thus, after the Parkland (Florida) high school massacre, which occurred in February 2018, she lends her support to the participants of the March Against Guns in the United States: “The March for Our Lives is an opportunity for all of us to show solidarity against gun violence. No more fear, no more injuries, no more shootings, no more FLINGS,” she wrote on her account at the time.

This demonstration had then widely divided the American public opinion (the right to self-defense being guaranteed by the second amendment of the Constitution).

In November of the same year, Millie Bobby Brown became a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF to defend the rights of children around the world.

The actress has been hypersexualized for years

Her youth and her talent arouse a certain fascination, not always happy. Her outfits and public appearances are regularly scrutinized and commented.

During the promotion of season 2 of Stranger Things, the fact that she appears regularly in public has reopened the question of hyper-sexualization of young teenagers by the film and fashion industries, for marketing purposes. A debate that is all the more heated, as it occurred in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein affair.

An executive of NBC Universal, Mike Sington, made a tweet: “Millie Bobby Brown has just become an adult, under our eyes (she is 13 years old!)”. A comment that did not fail to disturb on social networks.

Guest of the British podcast The Guilty Feminist (“The Guilty Feminist”), Monday, April 11, 2022, the actress denounced the way she was qualified by the celebrity media and by some Internet users since February 2022, the month when she came of age: “Two weeks before I turned 18, I noticed that I started to be sexualized more than before.”

At the microphone of Deborah Frances-White, Millie Bobby Brown also remembered a night of 2020, ceremony during which she felt “crucified” on social networks. She confides that she was offended by the massive comments of the Internet users on her slightly slit dress. “I thought to myself, ‘My God, are we really talking about this? We should be talking about the amazing people who were there,'” says the actress, who was then 16 years old.

Millie Bobby Brown victim of cyberbullying

Last year, the teenager also had to face a harsh campaign of cyberbullying. Some trolls had fun attributing false homophobic statements to her on Twitter. Faced with this defamatory denigration, she left the social network.

Upon her return to the platform she wrote this in her bio: “I want this account to share love and positivity. Stop the harassment.” So Millie Bobby Brown is now committed against school and virtual harassment.


Interviewed by Orlando Bloom, for Glamour UK, the young girl spoke about unbearable situations of harassment, of which she was already a victim. She stated, “In real life as well as online, I have faced situations that break you inside.”

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