Bikini Waxing for Beginners : Everythings You Need To to Know

by Ezeneck

Which Bikini Wax Is Best ? Brazilian wax? Laser hair removal ? Hollywood wax ? French bikini wax… The bikini area is probably the most sensitive area of the body for hair removal. That’s why it’s important to remove hair with care and to adopt the right techniques! Should you opt for laser bikini waxing if you want permanent hair removal? Which hair removal products should you choose: wax, electric epilator or razor? And what shape to adopt: classic bikini, low cut, full bikini? Our experts have the answer.

Bikini waxing is a painful issue because the skin of the pubis is particularly sensitive. But it is also and above all a choice that belongs to you alone. And this, whether you decide not to wax your bikini line or, on the contrary, to opt for a complete waxing.

According to a study conducted in January 2021 by Ifop for the Charles.co sexual health platform, total hair removal is favored by 24% of women, compared to 14% in 2013. This is a practice that appeals mainly to women under 25 years of age: 56% of them say they remove all their hair. Why be tempted? What precautions should be taken? Mélanie Villain, beautician and manager of the Institut by Mélanie (Paris), explains. 

If you decide to wax your bikini area, and depending on the method of waxing you choose, there may be redness, small pimples, ingrown hairs…  So to avoid pain and discomfort, it’s best to get informed on the subject. Thanks to our special “bikini waxing” file, Cosmo reveals the questions you should ask yourself before taking the plunge.

What is bikini hair removal?

Sensitive skin, thicker hair, painful area… Bikini waxing can quickly become a nightmare. Not to mention the post-waxing discomfort: hair under the skin, small pimples, redness. There are several methods of bikini waxing: from razors for the most sensitive to waxing for those who want three weeks of peace and quiet.

we prepare our skin and choose the hair removal technique best suited to our sensitivity, but first you need to know that there are Brazilian Hair Removal, Laser Hair Removal, Hollywood Hair Removal, Semi-Integral Hair Removal and Full Bikini Hair Removal 

What Is The Brazilian Swimsuit?

In fact, the Brazilian swimsuit was born at the time when thongs and tangas became essential pieces of women’s lingerie. Hence its name. Reference to the sublime cariocas strolling in the streets of Rio with only a thong and some feathers. At home, it is less exotic, but in practice the principle is the same. Halfway between the notch swimsuit and the integral swimsuit, the Brazilian swimsuit is the ideal alternative for those who are anxious to see a hair appear outside the swimsuit in summer. This method is often performed with wax in an institute.

Follow our guide :

What Is Full Bikini Waxing?

“In full bikini waxing, we remove everything: the hair on the side, on top, at the level of the lips and also the furrow between the buttocks,” explains the beautician. Some women choose to leave a small strip of hair at the top of the pubic area, embarrassed by the “childish” side of skin left completely bare. “We adapt. Some women, for example, don’t want to do the furrow between the buttocks, which is a delicate area,” adds Aurelyne.

What Is Semi-Integral Hair Removal?

Full body hair removal is sometimes confused with semi-full body hair removal, also known as the subway ticket, or American bikini line, which consists of eliminating the hair from the lips and the inter-gluteal fold (IBF), leaving only a triangle or rectangle of pubic hair on the pubic area.

What Is Laser Hair Removal And How Does It Work?

Laser hair removal aims to destroy the hair bulb. This is the swollen area that forms the base of the hair. In the case of dark hair, this area is pigmented. A laser is a device that emits a very specific light because it consists of a single wavelength, defining its monochromatic character. Depending on this wavelength, which is specific to each laser, the photons constituting this light will be more or less absorbed by the different structures encountered, in particular according to their color. Thus, a pigmented hair represents a brown or black target. Depilatory lasers are strongly absorbed by this color due to the natural pigment of the skin, melanin. Once absorbed, the light is transformed into heat. This heat destroys the hair bulb and ensures lasting hair removal.

The target of the laser is therefore not really the bulb but the pigment that gives it its brown color. This has two essential consequences: on the one hand, while dark hair can be effectively destroyed, the laser is not effective on non-pigmented hair, such as white, blond, or red hair… Moreover, the laser light will not make the difference between the melanic pigment of the bulb and the pigment present in abundance in the epidermis of pigmented skin (naturally pigmented, or following a tan).

This brings us to the two limits of hair removal lasers: only dark hair can be treated effectively, and only light skin can be treated without risk. The ideal candidate for hair removal is therefore a patient with light skin and brown or black hair. However, lasers (Nd-Yag) have been available for a few years that can effectively and safely treat pigmented skin, although at the cost of a few more sessions. This has been made possible by playing with the specific technical parameters of these lasers.

What Is A Hollywood Wax?

Waxing is a method of hair removal that many women use on various parts of the body. A traditional bikini wax removes the hair that would appear on the edges of a bathing suit bottom, but a Hollywood wax goes much further and removes all the hair from the genitals and anus. The hair then takes a few weeks to grow back.

Estheticians usually administer waxes to clients because the procedure can be quite painful. Depending on the salon, the bikini area may be prepared with a cream to remove oils. Typically, the wax is heated to a liquid consistency and the therapist then uses a flat wooden stick to paint the wax onto the hair in the direction of growth.

She then smoothes a cloth over the hot wax. Then she pulls the wax off in one stroke in the opposite direction of hair growth. This procedure hurts, but if the therapist pulls on the skin before tearing the strip, the pain can be reduced.

Many women have hair growing on the inside of the leg, around the anus and between the bottom and the vagina. Hollywood Wax removes all of these hairs. Since hair follicles need time to grow back, the area stays smooth for about three weeks or more.

Reasons to get a Hollywood wax include problems with the appearance of pubic hair in a bathing suit. Some women also like the appearance of a completely bare bikini area or think that the lack of hair helps keep the genitals clean. The lack of pubic hair can also make sex feel different.

Since more time and preparation is required for a Hollywood wax compared to a more simplified bikini wax, the cost of the treatment is usually higher. After waxing, a client may need to avoid showering or sunbathing for 24 hours, as well as using moisturizers or other products on the treated skin. One potential benefit of waxing is that hair may not grow back as thick or strong as before.

Different types of bikini waxes exist, but Hollywood wax is the most comprehensive. In addition to the regular bikini wax, which removes all the hair on the inside of the leg, or even more to form a smaller triangle of hair, salon clients can opt for a Brazilian, which looks a lot like a Hollywood but with a strand on top. left lips. Bikini area decorations may also be available, such as temporarily gluing rhinestones to form a pattern. Adventurous salons may also be able to dye the pubic hair any color under the sun if a client wishes.

How do you prepare your skin before a bikini wax?

To make bikini waxing easier, you should do it a little in advance and exfoliate the day before. The exfoliating action should help avoid hair under the skin and soften the hair removal. The skin is also moisturized to make it more supple. It is advisable to trim the hair beforehand if it is too long, to prevent it from breaking off.

Before any hair removal, whatever method you choose, you should disinfect your skin. This is repeated at the end of hair removal.

For the most sensitive: razor and depilatory cream

Bikini waxing with a razor is the least painful method. Indeed, the bikini area is very sensitive and hair removal can be a torment for some. The razor allows you to avoid pain but is not recommended. It encourages the appearance of small pimples and itching, because the hair tends to grow back under the skin.

You can opt for depilatory cream for bikini waxing. Painless, the depilatory cream works in a few minutes and is removed with a spatula. On the other hand, hair grows back almost as quickly as with a razor and the smell is often a little unpleasant. Be careful not to go beyond the area to be waxed when applying the cream, so as not to gradually enlarge the area.

For easy home hair removal: the electric epilator

The electric epilator has revolutionized hair removal. For the more modest, it allows hair removal to be done alone, at home. However, this technique is quite painful, especially the first few times. The epilator acts like tweezers and pulls out the hair with the bulb.

The regrowth is therefore slow and the hair becomes thinner with each epilation. Be careful not to do too many touch-ups between two epilations for uniform regrowth and don’t skip the scrubs before and after. The electric epilator can be used to finish off waxing.

8 questions to ask yourself before waxing your bikini line

Bikini waxing is your choice – not a requirement or a beauty standard. But if you decide to have it done, you should have all the answers to your questions, to get rid of pubic hair as best as possible. It is indeed a rather delicate area, so it is preferable to be informed before you launch out. 

1. How often should I wax my bikini area? 

It all depends on the result you want to achieve. If you wax, then you should wait about two to three weeks before waxing again. Why so much? Because if the pubic hair is not long enough, you won’t be able to pull it out because it will be too short to stick to the wax. The ideal length: 3 to 4 millimeters minimum. 

2. How long does it take for pubic hair to grow back?

If you shave or use a depilatory cream, the hair will start to grow back only two to three days after depilation. For some women, it can even be the next day.

If you wax, hair often starts to grow back after two weeks, reaching a perfect length for re-waxing after three weeks. 

3. Can I shave between two bikini waxes? 

Waxing gives you peace of mind about your hair for a while. But sometimes, a few hairs appear after only a few days. If you wish, you can shave to remove them.

Shaving your bikini line also allows you to “reset” your hair. Because not all hair grows evenly, shaving your bikini line very occasionally can be a solution. 

Then, wait for the hair to grow back and wax again for optimal results.

4. Coloring pubic hair: a good idea? 

If you don’t like the idea of waxing your intimate area but you want your hair to be less visible – or to vary the colors! – you can also opt for coloring. Of course, there are a few conditions, because the skin is ultra-sensitive in this area. It is absolutely forbidden to bleach the hair in the lip area.

To color your pubic hair, remember to use a coloring product formulated with “soft” products, and only apply it to the top of the bikini line. In any case, before taking the plunge, remember to ask a dermatologist or an esthetician for advice.

5. How can I avoid pimples after shaving my bikini area?

Razor hair removal on the bikini area is not ideal. But when you’re too soft, you don’t really have a choice. The problem is that shaving your bikini area with a razor can lead to pimples. 

Then to avoid that they appear, it is important not to shave every day but to wait for a regrowth of hairs not to irritate the skin too much. It is also important to use a new razor to avoid infections in this intimate area and to regularly exfoliate the skin of the bikini area to avoid the appearance of small pimples.

Finally, you should always shave your pubic hair in the direction of growth, in the shower so that the hair is more supple and always apply shaving foam for a smoother passage of the blades.

6. What to do in case of ingrown hairs after depilation?

Ingrown hairs are a nuisance! But there are a few techniques that can help. 

7. Why do I get ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hairs most often occur when shaving the bikini area. The razor will cut the hair, and the hair can then curl under the skin and start to grow under the epidermis. As a result, you get a small flesh-colored or red bump, which can become infected and contain pus. You can also get ingrown hairs when waxing your bikini area, because the wax will thin the hair and it may not be hard enough to pierce the skin. 

8. What to do about ingrown hairs?

Before waxing, remember to exfoliate and then take a hot shower to open the pores of the skin so that the hair can be removed more easily.

If ingrown hairs do appear, you have two options: disinfect the area with an antiseptic and antibacterial product and apply a warm compress to relieve the pain. The pimple should disappear on its own in time.

If it doesn’t, you can squeeze the pimple with clean hands and pierce it to bring out the hair. If it doesn’t come out, use sterile tweezers. Then clean the intimate area with an alcohol-free antibacterial lotion in case of minor bleeding. But we prefer to warn you: this method is not recommended by the experts! It’s a bit like popping a white pimple on your face…

If the hair still doesn’t come out, forget it and consult a dermatologist who will know how to get rid of it. It may also be advisable to alternate between shaving and waxing to avoid ingrown hairs. 

Bikini Waxing: 5 Simple Tips For Doing It At Home

1. Exfoliate Before Waxing Your Bikini Line

Before waxing your bikini area, exfoliate regularly. Exfoliation, done once or twice a week, helps straighten the hair and prepare it for waxing. It will then be much easier to remove!

2. Disinfect The Area To Be Waxed 

Prepare your skin properly. To do this, disinfect the area you are going to work on before you start. During hair removal, the bulb, which is already sensitive, is attacked, creating an imbalance and causing a skin reaction. Disinfection reduces the risk of pimples and ingrown hairs. Be careful not to moisturize your skin before waxing, as this will only make it more difficult!

3. Which Wax To Choose For Bikini Waxing?

Choose a wax that can be removed by hand to avoid hair breakage. Prefer oriental wax to normal wax: more natural and easier to use, it slows down hair growth. Practical on vacation or when you’re in a hurry: wax strips sold in supermarkets are very effective for simple bikini waxing (avoid them for low-cut or Brazilian bikini areas).

4. What Technique Should I Use For Bikini Waxing? 

The technique to adopt depends on how each person feels. Since the lower part of the crotch is the most sensitive, it is often advisable to start with the upper part and work your way down. Whatever happens, hair removal should always be done against the grain!

5. Moisturize Well After Bikini Waxing 

Once you’ve finished waxing, apply a dab of Biafine to the sensitized area. The cream will have a soothing and moisturizing action. Important: hair removal sessions should be spaced at least 3 to 4 weeks apart. If the wait is too short, the hair will be more difficult to remove and the result will be less clear.

How do you remove bikini wax? Which hair removal method should I choose?

Not all bikini waxing techniques are suitable for this fragile area of the body. Especially if it’s your first time! Between the pain, the redness and the famous “hair under the skin”, hair removal from this ultra-sensitive area can quickly become a torture if you don’t use the right method. And who still wants to suffer to look good? Not us! Here are the right steps.

How to wax your bikini line: which technique to choose?

Clippers, cream, wax, pulsed light, laser… it is sometimes difficult to find the right method. It all depends on the result you want.

  • The razor is perfect for small touch-ups or for people in a hurry, but the regrowth is fast and can sting.
  • The same goes for depilatory cream, which is very fast for shaving, but also for regrowth.
  • The electric epilator or clippers are useful for thinning or for fine-tuning after hair removal.
  • Waxing is a good solution if you want to be safe for a few days, but this technique is painful and difficult to do yourself. Instead, opt for a beautician.
  • Finally, definitive methods such as laser hair removal can solve the problem in a few sessions (painless, but a little expensive) with a dermatologist.

How to wax the bikini line at the lips?

If you want to limit the amount of hair on your pubic area as much as possible, you may opt for a full body wax. The question that arises is: can you touch the lips? “Indeed, since the mucous membranes are more fragile and less tense, more care must be taken. In particular, you should clean the area to be depilated and go very gently,” recommends dermatologist Michaël Naouri.

Waxing, razor, depilatory cream?

“Razors and depilatory creams are strongly discouraged for bikini waxing. They break the hair in two without reaching the root. As a result, the hair will grow back thicker or under the skin,” says Lamia El Hadhri, a beautician in Paris.

As far as depilatory cream is concerned, the alkaline active ingredients or sulfur derivatives that make it up must not be put in contact with the mucous membranes, which makes its use even more delicate for the bikini area.

Finally, electric epilators remain a painful technique despite the increasingly advanced pain-relieving systems of the devices. The hair may also be broken instead of being pulled out at the root as intended, if the device is not yet in expert hands.

Which wax is easier to use: traditional or oriental?

Hot wax remains one of the most effective solutions for bikini waxing, even if, once again, doing it yourself is not necessarily a good idea (bruises, broken hairs).

“There are two kinds of waxes: the traditional and the oriental. The oriental wax is the most natural because it is composed of sugar, lemon and water, while the traditional wax is more chemical”, differentiates Lamia El Hadhri. “If oriental wax offers a faster and more efficient depilation on the long term, it is also more painful because the applied strips are wider”.

Laser for permanent bikini waxing, how does it work?

If you’re tired of suffering with each hair removal, laser hair removal is a painless, permanent technique that is becoming more and more affordable. It allows you to achieve the bikini shape you want. As Dr. Bernard Hayot, an aesthetic doctor who founded the Epilium laser center in Paris, explains, “the laser acts on a 2-cm surface, only on black hair, because its light captures the melanin contained inside to better destroy it at the root. Blond, red or white hair is not detected by the laser. On the other hand, we have two types of devices, one for white skin and the other for dark skin.

There are also flash lamps (or pulsed light) recommended for less specific uses, notably because they have several wavelengths to which filters are added. However, it is less durable than laser hair removal and remains ineffective on blond and white hair.

Classic, Brazilian, integral: what is the best way to remove bikini hair?

When it comes to bikini waxing, all shapes are possible, and it varies greatly according to each person’s tastes and desires. “Classic bikini waxes, where only what protrudes from the undergarments is removed, are no longer as popular. The trend of removing hair in its entirety or in a very low cut, leaving a strip or a triangle, has changed the situation,” explains Lamia El Hadhri.

The same is true of lasers: “full body hair removal is the great revelation of recent years. It is practiced mainly by young women, 25-30 years old,” notes Dr. Bernard Hayot, aesthetic physician.

However, it should be noted that today, women are increasingly comfortable with their hair (and are demanding the right to be!). Some movements like “Maipoils” or the hashtag #jegardemespoils make women feel comfortable with their hair and remind everyone that a woman has the right to wax… or not!

What is the depilation of the indented bikini line or the subway ticket?

If you don’t like the concept of the full bikini line, the esthetician will direct you to other options.

  • The low cut bikini line is a hair removal technique that falls between the classic bikini line and the Brazilian bikini line. The esthetician removes about one extra strip on the sides, under the underwear, and one strip on the top if the client wishes.
  • The esthetician can also remove hair from the lips and the buttocks, leaving only a triangle on top of the pubic area: this is called Brazilian hair removal;
  • The triangular shape can be replaced by a rectangle, the famous subway ticket of American hair removal. As its name indicates, “subway ticket” hair removal creates a rectangle on the pubis in the shape of a subway ticket.

Some institutes also offer to personalize the bikini line according to the event.

The important thing to remember is that in terms of hair removal, there are no standards. Each woman must choose what suits her without pressure from her partner, friends or fashion. After all, the goal is to feel good about yourself and your bikini line this summer!

Always remember to protect the skin and treat irritation

Regardless of the method used, exfoliating the day before and moisturizing after waxing help to protect the skin and limit the risk of irritation. Whenever possible, it is safer to use a professional, otherwise, “make sure you follow the application instructions for wax or depilatory creams and, for the razor, clean it with soap before and after each use, disinfect it and change the blades regularly,” advises Michaël Naouri.

If, despite these precautions, the skin is irritated, a healing cream will be enough to calm the symptoms. In case of allergy to the cream or eczema after using the wax, consult a dermatologist or your general practitioner to be prescribed a cortisone-based cream. An infected hair? Ask for an antibiotic cream instead.

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