How To Choose A Perfect Sofa For Your Living Room?

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The sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the living room. Whether the sofa is used as a place to relax on a daily basis or as an extra bed, it is essential to choose it with the greatest care. Dimensions, shape, choice of upholstery, use or comfort options: here is all you need to know to adopt the sofa model that really suits you!

The sofa is an essential piece of furniture. Once purchased, it will indeed accompany your daily life for years. As the centerpiece of the living room, it deserves all your attention and must be chosen with care. Through our buying guide, we address all the fundamental questions to ask before this important purchase…

The golden rules for choosing a sofa

A sofa consists of a wooden or metal structure, covered with foam and supported by straps or springs. Its seat is made of foam covered with a coating (fabric or leather). It is important that the structure of the model you choose is of good quality. For that, favor the models of French Standard (NF ameublement) which offer a reliable quality and good levels of guarantee (generally 3 to 5 years).

Before you decide, take the time to ask yourself the right questions: for which uses is your future sofa intended? How much space do you have to install it? Do you want a corner sofa, a 2-seater or a convertible? Do you like soft sofas to snuggle up in front of the TV or a model with a firm seat? Do you have children, a cat or a dog? Do you prefer velvet, leather or cotton upholstery? So many details that are important and will allow you to choose the model of sofa that really suits you.

A sofa : for which uses ?

It may seem obvious, but the question deserves to be asked: for which uses is your sofa mainly reserved? The comfort and the shape to adopt indeed differ according to your way of life and the use which you want to make of it.

If you want an extra bed, for example, you should choose a sofa bed. There are many of them, which adapt to all types of surfaces. In the same way, you will not choose the same sofa if this one must be used to you to curl up in front of the TV or to take your meals there. If your children want to enjoy it… or your dog to take a nap on it, you will also need an adapted and resistant model. Think about these details before making your choice!

The shape of your sofa

The shape of the sofa is important. It depends on your tastes of course, but also and especially on the space you have. If you have a small living room, you will avoid bulky corner sofas that may impede the movement in the room. The 2-seater sofas are more adapted and will easily find their place there. The bulky models (corner, 3 seats) are therefore reserved for large rooms. There are also U-shaped, bean-shaped or round sofas. It all depends on your tastes and the style you want to give to your decor.

You should also know that there are modular sofas, an interesting option to adapt to all rooms and all desires!

The right size for your sofa.

Once you’ve chosen the shape of your sofa, it’s important to determine its measurements. The idea? Not to obstruct the circulation in the room while giving an impression of visual harmony.

Before you go to the stores, you must have a clear idea of the area you have to install your sofa. You should know that in sales areas, sofas always appear smaller than their actual size. Length, width, depth and height: take precise measurements to avoid surprises. Finally, note that it is better to leave a space between the wall and the sofa: when taking measurements, always take an extra margin.

How comfortable is your sofa?

The comfort of the sofa is essential. To feel good in your sofa, you must therefore choose a comfort adapted to your needs and desires. For that, know that the more the density of the foam and the seat are important, the more your sofa will be soft. The ideal is to opt for a model offering a reasonable resistance in order to be able to sit inside without slouching while giving you the possibility to curl up from time to time (between 25 and 30 kg/m3). To do this properly, know that once you are seated in your sofa, your feet should touch the floor when your back is well supported at the bottom. Don’t forget to take into account the resilience of the foam, i.e. its ability to return to its original shape. HR foam (high resilience) is recommended.

The coating of your choice

The choice of upholstery is a key step in the purchase of your sofa. Depending on the model and the manufacturer, it is generally possible to choose from a range of different coverings. Leather offers the advantage of aging well. It is a long-lasting covering that is easy to maintain and gives a beautiful patina over time. You can also prefer fabric, whether it is cotton, velvet or linen. In this case, prefer natural materials that do not attract dust. Synthetic materials are also popular and offer the advantage of being more resistant to stains. But whatever your choice, always choose removable cushions for better hygiene on a daily basis. If you have children or pets, remember to choose a stain-resistant cover. Don’t forget that the color of the covering is also important: the lighter it is, the dirtier the sofa will be. Of course, here again, everything depends on your lifestyle.

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