What Women Like In A Man: Myth Or Reality?

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What women like in a man ? There are many myths surrounding women’s preferences in men. They would only like slender, muscular, hairless men. We know that in reality all tastes are in nature. Some women love men who are a bit plump, others like bearded men… In short, it’s time to take stock!
There are many preconceived ideas about the selection criteria for finding love… It is often said that women like tall, gallant men, “dark brown with blue eyes”… But is it true?

To put an end to all these preconceived ideas, we asked the question to the main people concerned: women!

What attracts women to men ?

Women prefer tall men: myth or reality?

Reality! Respondents say they are attracted to tall men. At least taller than them.

But let’s not forget that there are plenty of good reasons to date a shorter man!

Women do not like hairy men: myth or reality?

Opinions are divided. 49.1% admit that a man with hair is much sexier. As for the remaining 50.9% of women, they find the hairiness of these men unpleasant and prefer those who wax. They find it more aesthetic and much softer…

Conclusion: men, women… do what you want with your hair!

Women like men in uniform: myth or reality?

Myth! No, think again, the man in uniform is not the object of all women’s fantasies. Only 39.5% of them said they find it attractive.

The rest say they like to look at them and find them very sexy, but they value the person more than the outfit. (No kidding!)

Women like men with big cars: myth or reality?

Myth, thank God! (Who else but sexist ads invented this myth, by the way?)

The women surveyed do not seem to have any particular attraction for men who have big cars! For 73.6% of women, a nice car is nice to look at, but it is not a selection criterion.

Hard blow for bad boys and macho men

Women like bad boys: myth or reality?

Myth! It is often said that women are attracted to bad boys. But it seems that this legend… is just a legend!

However. When we are young, it is true that we find bad boys attractive. But as you get older, bad guys aren’t really what you’re looking for anymore.

Moreover, 78.2% of the women interviewed said they prefer gentlemen, responsible and mature men. So even if for 21.8% of the women surveyed, bad boys bring spice to their lives, as they get older, expectations are not really the same!

Women like mysterious men: myth or reality?

Myth! First of all, what is a mysterious man? And even so, too much mystery kills the mystery.

Secrets (without turning into jealousy or paranoia) scare 78.2% of women. Openness and communication are much more successful (it’s not for nothing that it’s the secret of couples that last).

And ideally, a man who opens up and talks about his feelings, it’s all good!

Women like chivalrous men: myth or reality?

Reality! It’s not surprising that the vast majority of women appreciate gallantry, because it is proof of a certain education.

What they like most of all? That this spontaneity is sincere and not used as a seduction technique.

Nevertheless, 5.4% of women find chivalry “old-fashioned”.

Women like very muscular men: myth or reality?

Myth! Women like men who maintain themselves, like everyone else, but men who are too muscular are far from being unanimously approved.

72.8% of women admit they don’t like body-built men and some even prefer men with a bit of a belly. Body posi as you wish!

Women like powerful men: myth or reality?

Almost a myth!

Once again, opinions are divided. 55.3% of women claim to like men of power, especially for the charisma they exude.

But for 44.7% of those surveyed, power is synonymous with arrogance. To each his own, to each his own.

Women don’t like macho men: myth or reality?

Reality, no surprise. 84.1% of women say they don’t like macho men (even if the myth of the virile and protective man persists among most of the respondents).

As always, it’s all about nuance: a man can “play the man” (and yet, what does that mean?), but being misogynistic, certainly not!

3 Golden Rules To Flirt With A Woman

To approach a woman, yes, but not anyhow! Single men, you have probably already asked yourself how to seduce a woman? How to approach her without being too heavy? Here are the 5 golden rules not to forget to have all your chances.

There are as many ways to flirt as there are flirts. And as many people to charm. So, it is impossible for us to provide you with a manual, nor a guarantee. What we can tell you is that there are certain rules to respect in any situation.

1. Consent, the first rule of dating

If there was only one rule, it would be this one. You don’t hit on a woman or a man who doesn’t want to.

Very often, the signs are there. A look in the evening, a smile, a gesture, a discussion that has started. You tell yourself that you can please him and decide to make the first step.

There are situations where it is less obvious. It is therefore understandable that you cannot know every time before trying if this woman who caught your eye would want you to try an approach. Don’t hesitate to make this first step, but only if you are prepared to accept a ‘no’ as well as a ‘yes’.

Your target will quickly let you know if she is interested. Verbal language and body language do not deceive. A no is a no. It is not a ‘yes maybe, insist to see’. A yes, followed by a no some time later, is a no.

Often the person makes this clear, more or less directly, more or less delicately. Don’t take this kindness as a yes. It is always a no, but instead of answering you: “I’m not interested in you”, she will find a formula. Why? To avoid showing off in front of your friends, because she doesn’t dare, because she’s afraid of your reaction.

Listen to gestures and posture. A woman who sits straight in front of you and plunges her eyes in yours to continue the conversation, it is a good sign. A woman who turns around so you stop talking to her is a no. And insisting is harassment, not flirting.

For those who have difficulty with the notion of consent, we strongly recommend you to watch the video entitled Tea consent.

2. When and where to hit on a woman?

Now that you have the basics down, you are ready for that first step.

First of all, location matters. A woman is not willing to be hit on everywhere, especially in uncomfortable situations. The workplace, for example, is prohibitive for some. So is the gym or the pool.

Speaking of aquatic, Lena has an even wilder place in mind: “On a surfboard. I spent the first day in a flesh suit that was as sexy and comfortable as a foam condom, with my legs in an X shape and my arms crossed on my board, in the middle of 15-year-olds who were more talented than me.”

You will have understood, for her, it was not really the moment: “That did not cool the ardor of the instructor, who proposed me to go to drink, just as I went back to the surface with the grace of a drunk seal”. It was a rather dry no.

Some places are better. Airport lounges, trains, planes, coffee shops, nightclubs, parks in the spring are some of them. These are just suggestions of course.

For the rest, it’s mostly a matter of observation. It will help you to know when to approach her. Are you trying to approach your colleague? Observe his habits and his rhythm.

Hervé, for example, didn’t manage too much on timing with Anne-Sophie. “I’m not a morning person. Before 11 o’clock, I’m in a Doberman mood after a training session,” she confesses. You just have to know that, and respect my social jet lag. Unfortunately, my neighbor Hervé didn’t know that. And he came on to me one day at 7:50 a.m., when I was late for work. Hey, this is not the time at all,’ I barked over my shoulder. Fortunately, he wasn’t touchy, and he tried again one night… where I was much more receptive.”

On the street, for example, if the person is walking in a hurry, it’s not really the time. In the evening, if they’re ready to go, too bad, you’ve missed your chance.

3. Adapting to the one you like, the best dating technique

The observation is also valid to determine the profile of your target. The flirting technique should be adapted accordingly.

I don’t like to be hit on in public, it’s very embarrassing,” explains Magali for example. When a man approaches me in a public place, like in a café or in the subway, I immediately feel that everyone is watching us and making predictions about what to do next: I feel like I’m at the racetrack in Vincennes, track side, it takes away my means and my judgment. I prefer to be approached by a man when I am alone, reading, or during my lunch break.

Discreet, outgoing, romantic: be subtle according to his temperament.

Finally, you’ll need to keep perspective on the situation. This means, among other things, not insisting when it doesn’t work out.

“He was handsome, apparently brilliant, since he had a position of high responsibility in the architectural firm where I was doing a replacement, very nice… when he stopped talking about himself!” remembers Chloe.

Only, it was impossible to go further for her: “Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to make sure because he was in a loop on one subject: himself. With its variations: his hobbies, his job, his passion for motorcycles, his friends, his travels… To cool him down, I managed to slip in that I had a boyfriend. A lie on the first date, of course, but as we were not going to get married…”

Women do not ask men to have a list of topics prepared. He can approach without a catchphrase in mind, his awkwardness will even be perceived as cute. Only sometimes we like it for two minutes, then we realize that it will not stick. Because there are big awkward silences between you, because she realized that you have no common ground.

We agree, making yourself interesting is not easy. In real life, but also during the first messages on dating apps. Give some information about yourself, but also ask questions about her. After a while, open the conversation to other topics that are important to you. And listen to your instincts: can you feel this connection between you? No ? After a while, move on. Yes ? Tell us about the beautiful story that is starting. And you’re ready to go!

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