Dry Hair: How To Take Care Of It ?

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“I have dry hair.” Here’s a statement that often comes up in front of the bathroom mirror. Rough feel, dull color and split ends? Don’t panic! If you have the dreaded feeling that it’s an inevitability and that you’ll have to cut it all off, rest assured. Here are a few tips from Phyto experts that will help you care for your dry hair and transform it into healthy, shiny hair.

Naturally dry or parched, hair that lacks moisture requires special care. Brittle and rough hair that has lost shine and elasticity, for those of you who face this problem, we have found the best advice. Let’s see what are the important factors that cause dry hair and how to neutralize them:

The Heat

You’ve probably heard it – heat is the enemy №1 of beautiful hair. We need to cut down on heat and sun exposure. Dry hair carefully by holding the hair dryer far enough away from your strands, and always with its nozzle. Finish with cold air to close the hair scales. Space out or eliminate procedures with straighteners, irons and electric brushes. If you can’t do without them, use a protective product. Don’t take continuous hot showers. As for drying, always finish with a jet of lukewarm water.

To avoid hair breakage, use a natural fiber brush. Do not pull or force your hair. Use a detangler or leave-in serum to make your mane more manageable. If needed, treat yourself to an everyday mask that can be applied to damp hair in the morning.

Chlorine and chemicals

Not all ingredients in beauty products are good for our skin and hair. Even water is not good for us because of the chlorine, which dries our hair out a lot. When it comes to hair care, try to use gentle hair care products. Make sure your shampoo and conditioner are alcohol-free and as natural as possible. Space out coloring and avoid using too many styling products. Most cleansing products reduce the production of sebum that naturally nourishes the hair. So reduce the frequency of washing. To neutralize chlorine, add a few spoonfuls of apple vinegar or lemon juice to the rinse water.

Lack of nutrition

Just like your skin, your hair needs careful treatment and a regular supply of nutrients to stay healthy and supple. To that end, we use a hair mask at least twice a week, and when we have time, we turn to homemade masks. Even a simple oil or mix of essential oils can help you fight dryness. Treat yourself to hair care products with moisturizing ingredients such as vegetable oils, essential fatty acids and keratin. Don’t forget that certain foods rich in iron, vitamin B and good fats contribute to the good appearance of the mane. These include salmon, olive oil, lentils, grains, wheat germ and nuts.

5 Tips To Moisturize Dry Hair

We understand that dry hair is porous and in great need of hydration and nutrition. Without it, it breaks, is dull and splits. It is also very fragile: the scalp does not produce enough sebum to protect it. This makes it particularly prone to external aggressions such as the sun, dust, wind, rubbing with hats, caps, scarves or helmets. Dry hair requires special attention and a special hair routine.

1/ Oil baths to nourish dry hair

You want to make an oil bath? Massage the lengths of your hair, avoiding the roots and scalp, with the oil of your choice. However, some oils are better suited to certain hair types. For example, if your hair tends to get greasy easily, choose jojoba or hazelnut oil, which will nourish your hair without making it greasy. The most nourishing pure vegetable oils for dry hair are coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil and avocado oil. Castor oil is also particularly recommended as it boosts hair growth.

Then wrap your hair in a towel for at least 30 minutes. For a deep treatment, you can leave it overnight. Then shampoo your hair gently.

2/ Shea butter to give shine to dry hair

The fatty acids in shea butter are great allies for dry hair lacking shine and luster. To benefit from all its nourishing virtues, it is advisable to choose it pure, to take a hazelnut of it to brush the hair of the point towards the roots without however touching the scalp. Leave it on overnight for more effectiveness. Where to find it? In some organic stores or in natural care stores.

3/ The egg yolk to give shine to dry hair

The egg yolk mask is a natural grandmother’s trick. It restores shine to the hair. The recipe is simple: mix the egg yolk with a tablespoon of olive oil to create a creamy texture. Then apply the mixture to the length of the hair. After a 10-minute break, rinse thoroughly and proceed to shampoo.

4/ Spacing out shampoos to avoid stressing the hair

The scalp of dry hair does not produce much sebum. Therefore, it does not need to be washed every day, as washing it too often would tend to damage it. You can also use the cowash method if your hair is dry. This method of washing without shampoo is gentler. Why not also try a sebum cure? This involves stopping washing your hair for a month in order to heal your hair and to be able to space out shampoos when you start washing again.

5/ Aloe vera masks are all good

Aloe vera is a plant with many benefits. Its gel is made up of numerous minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids that provide hydration and softness to the hair fiber. Using it as a mask on damp hair nourishes the hair to restore shine and radiance. It can be applied from the roots, along the entire length of the hair and up to the ends. As it dries, the hair will absorb the nutrients from the aloe vera and regain all its vitality.

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