Chic and modern : Anne Hathaway’s fashion evolution

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Despite her brilliant record of achievement, we thought of yet another title that could be awarded to Anne Hathaway: that of fashion revelation. For good reason, at 38 years, the American actress impresses by her sense of style until now unsuspected. With each of her recent appearances, Anne Hathaway confirms a little more her status as a fashionista in the city as on the red carpet. The proof in pictures.

From her first role in the series The Green Family in 1999, to her emblematic interpretations on the big screen in The Devil Wears Prada or Rachel is getting married, Anne Hathaway has a solid CV. Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA Award, SAG award … The actress has notably swept everything in 2012 for her interpretation of Francine, a supporting role she gets for the film Les Misérables.

Zoom on the look of the Hollywood star.

Anne Hathaway, a chic and modern style :

It was in 2001 that the actress from New Jersey broke through to the eyes of the film public. In Princess Despite Myself, she plays Mia Thermopolis, a young teenager who turns out to be a kingpin in a small country called Genovia.

Following this success, which she celebrated alongside cult actress Julie Andrews, Anne Hathaway has made a string of notable films in comedies, romantic films, and other productions inspired by literary works.

One thing is for sure, in the roles she has been given in movies, Anne Hathaway has very often sported the office look. Suit, shirt buttoned up to the neck, mid-length skirt… What about the black blazer and Chanel thigh-high boots worn by Andy Sachs – Miranda Priestly’s intern played by Meryl Streep – post-metamorphosis in The Devil Wears Prada?

On stage as well as in the city, Anne Hathaway is fond of straight cuts and chic workwear. The pantsuit is one of her “go-to looks”. We necessarily think of the model with sequins signed Giorgio Armani that she portrays during his promotional tour for the film Serenity released in 2019.

Chic and modern, the one who played the role of Dr. Amelia Brand in Interstellar also juggles with a more casual style. All it takes is a pair of jeans and black boots for her to display a successful effortless look.

One of her favorite accessories? The pair of black glasses, adopted to (try to) pass incognito or simply to sharpen her style. Another key piece in Anne Hathaway’s wardrobe: the hat.

In fact, her most pointed outfit is undoubtedly the one where the actress combined a black felt hat, a leopard print coat, and Pierre Hardy coral colored heeled boots.

A look meticulously thought, worthy of a fashionista who respects herself.

Combining elegance and modernity, Anne Hathaway’s “off-duty” clothing style is to be copied. No one can deny her fashion sense, not even the incorrigible Miranda Priestly.

Anne Hathaway’s fashion evolution spoted on the red carpet

“Wow. Look at me in 2009 trying at all costs not to make any missteps. Look at me in 2019, doing what feels right.” Via an Instagram post, the Oscar-winning actress comments on her fashion evolution with fascination. For good reason, between these two photos that 10 years separate, Anne Hathaway has turned into a woman sure of her tastes.

Farewell the young Hollywood star exemplary, place to the woman full of confidence that we know today. The transformation can be read on her smile.

Because it is indeed on the red carpet that the star has proven itself in fashion. In 2012, she received the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. She brandished the coveted statuette in a powder pink Prada dress with square neck and halter.

MET Gala 2013. Another turning point in her (fashion) career. Anne Hathaway is a sensation on the red carpet. That year, the theme of the evening is “Punk: from chaos to Couture” and she is obviously inspired. The famous brunette arrives with a short boyish haircut … And a platinum blonde dye. To complete this already iconic look, she wears a transparent evening dress designed by Valentino.

Unlike Andy Sachs, Anne Hathaway does not need help to spell Gabbana. Nor even Valentino since the Italian designer is one of his great friends. It is himself who designed the wedding dress of the actress.

The Hollywood star knows how to surround herself. Among the names that dress her: Law Roach, the designer of Zendaya and Celine Dion. But also the stylist Erin Walch, who gave her fabulous looks especially during her second pregnancy.

We remember the asymmetrical white bustier Oscar de La Renta that highlighted her rounded belly. Over the years, the one who donned the costume of Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises has traded her very wise look for a more daring and feminine style.

An awakening influenced by Rihanna?

2018. With the release of Ocean’s 8, Anne Hathaway signs her return to cinema after the birth of her son Jonathan, born two years earlier. For the new mother, the shooting of this blockbuster with an exclusively female cast is placed under the sign of “safe-place” .

In an interview with Ellen De Generes, she said that the weight gain related to her pregnancy was not a problem for Gary Ross, the director of the film.

On the contrary, he would have encouraged the actress: “The director told me ‘we have eight women in this movie, we need to have as many different body types as possible.” A relief.

This body-positive spirit was also supported by the co-stars of Anne Hathaway including Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock, and especially Rihanna who knew how to boost the confidence of his elder.

“Rihanna looks at me and says “girl, you got some ass!” Of course, I was surprised, but it made me happy. I said “really?” and she said “you have an ass like me”. I can honestly say that I had never had an experience like that on a film set,” Hathaway recounted. Since this revelation, it is difficult not to make the connection between this anecdote with the Barbadian singer and the style of the actress, which is more sexy.

The 38-year-old actress now dares to wear pieces with original cuts and cleavage. The proof in a look to remember: the golden Versace dress with plunging neckline that she wore at the Critics’ Choice Awards 2020.

Today, nothing seems to stop her in her stylistic ascent. The actress continues to multiply appearances dressed in impressive looks that she shares on her Instagram account. Anne Hathaway has definitely taken to the game, but her love for clothing is anything but fictional.

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